Leftist group documents how young Dems LIKE idea of assassinations

A new survey released by a far-left organization, the Southern Poverty Law Center, documents that a lot of young Democrats actually approve of the idea of assassinating politicians.

The truly scary result comes from the SPLC’s April poll that involved interviews with 1,500 adults, according to a report in the Washington Times.

The publication described how the polling found “a distressingly high level of support for assassinating politicians whom the respondents believed were ‘harming the country or our democracy.'”

Forty-four percent of young Democrat men said they agreed with the concept.

“Younger Republican women ranked second, with 40% approving of the idea. Older folks – defined as those 50 and older – were not fans of assassination, no matter their party or gender,” the report said.

The column noted perhaps that’s why 44% of all respondents said the U.S. appears “headed toward a civil war in the near future.” That opinion included 53% of Republicans and 39% of Democrats.

The SPLC said, ‘The mood, overall, is pessimistic.”

The far-left organization which has attacked ordinary Christian organizations at “hate groups” because of their adherence to biblical teachings, also warned that Republicans could erode “rights” if they make political gains.

“No political outcomes are inevitable. But our results show that a substantial effort, on the part of activists, institutions, and government, will be required if we hope to secure a multiracial democracy and prevent partisan violence.”

The poll also said two-thirds of the GOP, and one-third of the Democrats, agreed that there is an orchestrated effort by liberal leaders to replace “conservative white voters” in an effort to gain political power.

The SPLC itself is considered by many to have become part of the extremists in American in recent years.

The organization that was launched to fight racism, for example,  now is known for simply slapping “hate” labels on groups that don’t align with its far-left values.

It exercises its power, too, by acting as a so-called “fact-checker” for some social media corporations.

In fact, being attacked by the SPLC now has become a badge of honor for some conservative organizations.

“If being pro-Israel and against antisemitism is now considered a hate crime, I will wear the SPLC listing as a badge of honor,” Laurie Cardoza-Moore explained at that time when the SPLC listed her group, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations, as a “hate” organization.

But she noted, however, the irony in listing her group, as the SPLC did, alongside actual Nazis and other racist organizations.

More recently, an organization of hundreds of Jewish rabbis wrote to Amazon chief Jeff Bezos insisting that he stop using the SPLC to identify alleged “hate” organizations.

Widely respected commentator Michelle Malkin wrote about that time how the SPLC had orchestrated a campaign to have an Act for America conference banned, even though founder Brigitte Gabriel has “worked tirelessly to expose the Islamic imperialist agenda of the Muslim Brotherhood and Islamic State; barbaric practices of female genital mutilation and honor killings by adherents of Shariah; and the whitewashing of violent jihad in American middle-school textbooks.”

Malkin pointed out that the SPLC’s “sweeping hate designations” also have targeted:

– Black conservative scholar Carol Swain.

– Black Trump administration Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson.

– Muslim reformer Maajid Nawaz.

– Refugee Resettlement Watch blogger and citizen journalist Ann Corcoran.

– Investigative Project on Terrorism founder Steven Emerson.

– Former Reagan official and Center for Security Policy president Frank Gaffney.

– Jewish anti-jihad activist Pamela Geller.

– Former FBI agent and Marine veteran John Guandolo.

– Somali-born ex-Muslim activist Ayaan Hirsi Ali.

– Renowned historian and author David Horowitz.

– Scholar and Middle East Forum founder Daniel Pipes.

– Palestinian-American ex-jihadist Walid Shoebat.

– Scholar and Jihad Watch founder Robert Spencer.

– Lawyer, Fox News host, LifeZette.com founder and talk radio veteran Laura Ingraham.

– Former prosecutor and judge and Fox News Channel host Jeanine Pirro.

– Author and nationally syndicated columnist Diana West.

– Alliance Defending Freedom.

– The Remembrance Project.

– Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum.

– American Principles Project.

Evangelist Franklin Graham has warned anyone who would consider the advice of the Southern Poverty Law Center that the organization is a “sham.”

“Southern Poverty Law Center is a sham,” Graham wrote on Facebook. “This left-wing secularist group falsely labels Christian and conservative organizations that defend life, marriage, and religious freedom as ‘hate groups.’ These lies against great organizations including Family Research Council and Alliance Defending Freedom even led to the vicious attack described in this link.”

Graham, the CEO of both Samaritan’s Purse and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association, said it’s “a shame that anyone would even consider SPLC’s opinion – they have a history of corruption and virtually zero credibility.”

He referenced a USA Today op-ed by former Family Research Council staffer Jessica Prol Smith recalling that a deranged gunman inspired by SPLC’s “hate” campaign tried to kill her and other FRC employees at their Washington headquarters seven years ago.

“I wrote and edited for the Family Research Council, a public advocacy organization that promoted the principles I have cared about since childhood: protecting the family, promoting the dignity of every human life and advocating for religious liberty,” she wrote in an op-ed headlined “The Southern Poverty Law Center is a hate-based scam that nearly caused me to be murdered.”

“It reads like a tagline, but it’s also just what I believed and the way I chose to match my career with my convictions,” she explained.

Aug. 15, 2012, was the day the gunman came to the FRC offices with, as he explained to law enforcement later, the intent to kill as many people as he could. His conviction was the first under the 2002 Anti-Terrorism Act.

Smith’s office was put on lockdown in response to the attack.

“While I was missing lunch, a crime scene played out in the office lobby below me. My coworker and friend Leo wasn’t armed, but he had played the quick-thinking and inadvertent hero, disarming a young man on a mission to kill me and as many of my colleagues as possible. The gunman had packed his backpack with ammo and 15 Chick-fil-A sandwiches – later admitting that he had planned to smear them on our lifeless faces as a political statement. Leo took a bullet in the arm but managed to hold the attacker until law enforcement arrived,” she wrote.

“It was the type of violent incident that one could expect a group that purportedly monitors ‘hate,’ like the Southern Poverty Law Center, to notice, research and decry. In fact, we were on the center’s radar but for all the wrong reasons. The assailant acknowledged later in FBI testimony that he had selected our office precisely because the SPLC had labeled my employer a ‘hate group,'” she said.

U.S. Sen. Tom Cotton, R-Ark., has asked the Internal Revenue Service to review SPLC’s tax-exempt status. And the organization in recent years has been plagued with internal turmoil, including the dismissal of a founder.

It has millions of dollars parked in offshort accounts, and one former SPLC worker, Bob Moser, wrote bluntly in an article about SPLC, wrote, “We were part of the con, and we knew it.”

Author and pundit John Stossel once called SPLC a hate group itself.

WND reported when the Family Research Council and more than five dozen other conservative groups and individuals released a letter asking for news agencies to cut off their ties to the “discredited” SPLC.

“We call on all media, corporations, social media companies, and financial institutions to immediately stop relying on their discredited and partisan ‘hate’ and ‘extremist’ lists,” said the letter, signed by FRC’s Tony Perkins, Lt. Gen. (Ret.) William G. Boykin, J. Kenneth Blackwell of the U.N. Human Rights Commission, Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association, Gary Bauer of American Values, Ryan Mauro of Clarion Project, Michael Farris of Alliance Defending Freedom and many others.

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