Leftist propaganda, cat ownership and 'our democracy'

A recent comment from the Ottawa Freedom Convoy summarizes the world just now as clearly as most: “This woman has been indoctrinated by leftist propaganda, and undoubtedly has too many cats.”

Since communism (rule by elitists from the top down) is the ultimate leftist good, followed by firing squads for those unrepentant citizens who oppose the communists, we do well to insist on healthy skepticism whenever “our democracy” is brandish about by people with too many cats. Their democracy has a history of turning out badly, even for the cats.

In the case of Canada, were that nation a democracy, Canadians would all be sitting in Parliament, voting on all legislation. A representative democracy makes more sense. It leaves most citizens free to run businesses, support their families, educate their children, feed the nation and get on with the business of life.

That is, of course, unless the people whom we voted for to represent us lied to us, and once in government go on about the business of implementing their own agenda, rather than the one they promised us.

When that happens we no longer have a representative democracy. We have instead a dictatorship, running under cover of a kleptocracy. This is where most of the government is for sale through corrupt politicians and officeholders. Party loyalty takes precedence over the good of the nation.

A democracy, you see, can never be “our democracy.” It must always be “a democracy,” not any one person’s or political party’s democracy. It is criminal that schools have been permitted to ignore teaching students about the workings of American government, or to our north Canadian government. It’s a long road to slog, but parents will have to criminalize this behavior in the state where they reside. You can’t have liars and subversives teaching your children … anything.

The left loves government, because the left loves power. They don’t care how they get it. Is their love of power over others because they view government as a democracy – or as a big hammer to be used to obtain compliance with their will? Once leftists are elected to office, it becomes (in their minds) “their democracy.” The entire array of government overreach becomes available to advance their every whim. You will comply.

But of course … we won’t comply. At least not on our side of the border. But freedom is infectious, in a good sense. Once people experience freedom, they have to have it. There are no substitutes. Government can lie to the cat ladies, at least for a while, and they will lie down with their cats and comply.

But propaganda victims with too many cats do not a nation make. A nation needs citizens trained from the cradle to sniff out bulls–t, call it what it really is and determine who really benefits. When we had thousands of honest media outlets, instead of one big corporate whorehouse, it was easy.

Today it is not easy. But the job still must be done. Destiny, whether on an individual or national level, is not something the left likes to talk about. Perhaps this is because the idea of god is never far behind. The left despises any destiny that does not originate inside the human mind. But destiny that originates inside the human mind is more accurately called megalomania.

Divine destiny does not originate inside the human mind. It originates in the mind of a Creator God, one who creates both people and nations and imbues them with His divine destiny. He imbues them with destiny because there is something he wants to accomplish using that person or nation. It may be in a single lifetime, or it may require a national lifetime.

Divine destinies are opposed not so much by individuals as by devils, who seek the destruction of all that is good that God wishes to build in His universe. Those who oppose divine destinies, whether on an individual or national level, were already at war with God long before they launched a war with other people.

The church may be the only institution trained to do battle on the spiritual level, where the real war is taking place. But what if the church itself is compromised, either by people or policies? Who does that leave to engage in the battle for individual and national destinies? Do we really want to leave it to the cat ladies?

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