Legal team warns of Equality Act nightmares to come


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The so-called Equality Act that Democrats are trying to push through Congress has been criticized as list of LGBTQ agenda points forced on unwilling Americans that would nullify the First Amendment’s protection of religion.

Now a legal team reports a nightmare experienced by a bride-to-be that could become common if the Equality Act is adopted.

Liberty Counsel documented the experience of “Ann.”

She contacted Liberty Counsel for legal assistance after she went with her mother and sister to a bridal store to try on wedding gowns, the report said.

“She called and booked an appointment with a salesperson. When ‘Ann’ arrived, the salesperson was wearing a COVID mask, dress, tights and heels. The salesperson proceeded to help ‘Ann’ in the dressing room, touching private areas of her body while helping her in and out of wedding dresses,” Liberty Counsel reported.

It was then that her sister and mother pulled her aside “and notified her that the salesperson was a man,” the report said.

She “had never undressed in front of a man and felt violated and deceived by the bridal store,” Liberty Counsel reported. And when her fiancée later went to the store to confront the store owner, the owner defended the employee and said she was required by law to treat the man as if he was a woman.

It’s not the first such catastrophe to follow the agenda of the Equality Act.

Liberty Counsel reported in 2018 it represented Mrs. “H,” who encountered a man in the women’s locker room of Planet Fitness in Florida.

“The man, dressed in gray sweatpants and a tank top, was facing the mirror and pretending to apply makeup. Mrs. ‘H.,” a survivor of a previous violent rape attempt, needed to use the restroom and politely asked him to leave,” Liberty Counsel said.

“Instead, he smirked and watched her in the mirror where he had a full view of every woman entering or exiting the shower and locker area,” the report said. “When Mrs. ‘H. complained to the staff, her membership was revoked.”

Liberty Counsel explained the science that the proposal defies.

“Immutable biological differences and unique attributes between sexes will become illusory because birth sex is irrelevant under the ‘Equality Act.’ Therefore, women and girls face increased risk of harassment and violence by predatory males who will use ‘gender identity’ to enter their private spaces. Biological men who subjectively assert they ‘identify as a woman’ will be able to use women’s restrooms, dressing rooms, locker rooms, and showers. Men will be legally allowed to bunk with women on overnight stays at church, mission, or school events and at domestic abuse shelters or in prison cells,” Liberty Counsel said.

The bill changes the Civil Rights Act of 1964 to create “sexual orientation, gender identity” as protected classes throughout federal law.

Liberty Counsel said it “erases any sex-based protections for women.”

The Senate version “includes the entire universe of about 550 paraphilias outside of LGBT – one of which is pedophilia (euphemistically called ‘minor attracted persons’).”

“This so-called Equality Act will set back the gains made by women in sports, invade their private spaces, and place them at risk,” said Liberty Counsel Founder and Chairman Mat Staver said. “It is a slap in the face to women and girls who are entitled to safety and privacy. This bill gives males ‘identifying as females’ legal access to use female bathrooms, locker rooms, and all public facilities.”

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