Let's Americanize China's 'blank paper protests'

It’s due time for Americans to have our own “blank paper protest.”

Despite the government’s most aggressive censorship efforts, you’ve seen the many phone videos from China’s largest cities over the last several days of blank paper held high, a symbol of defiance and a metaphor for insane government overreach. It’s a brilliant way to protest increasingly heavy-handed elitist leaders of any nation who insist on running every aspect of your life – or else.

After all, it’s a bit more difficult to arrest or disappear someone who isn’t actually articulating his insubordination or frustrations, unlike China’s previous outspoken leader who was escorted out of the biannual General Assembly two weeks ago never to be heard from again. Funny thing in case you missed it, he coincidentally passed away last week. It’s doubtful there will be national celebrations of his life and legacy.

To only a slightly lesser degree, American conservatives can relate to the poor guy.

Express your opinions about elections openly – or just be in the wrong place at the wrong time when elitists are running the show – and it may cost you your freedom, then and there. You could end up rotting in a D.C. gulag waiting to be officially charged with a crime against progressives.

It’s abundantly clear by now that conservatives, and by that I mean you and me, don’t enjoy the same government protections of Antifa, BLM, or similar malcontents on the progressive left who routinely and often violently express their grievances in the streets. And not only with increasingly profane, in your face signs, but with brazen theft, defacing and destroying private property, arson, stompings, or worse.

If they can do all that, perhaps we can get away with peaceful “blank paper protests.” We have plenty to take issue with:

Like the Chinese, our blank paper can stand as a metaphor against COVID opportunism and government overreach for starters. Even though our brilliant and articulate president declared the pandemic “over,” the beat goes on. And on. In fact, the drumbeat has recently gotten louder with our illustrious, more-wrong-than-right CDC now suggesting experimental shots every two months. (My heart skipped a beat just thinking about it.) It goes without saying it will be more than a suggestion when coveted vaccine passports materialize. If you’re not an illegal immigrant breaking every U.S. law with impunity, try traveling without one when the passports arrive. Remember, China is Dr. Fauci’s model.

Speaking of Fauci, he’s gone but not forgotten with considerably more media appearances than before. Even though he may well be partially responsible for countless COVID-related deaths, cultural and economic ruin of countless individuals and small businesses, the declining mental health of a generation and more, he remains ubiquitous.

The guy reminds me of the impossible to ditch Bob in the hit movie “What About Bob.” You’ll remember when Richard Dreyfuss’ character declares to his gullible family, “Gone?! He’ll never be gone!” as he swings open his front door to Bob standing inches from his face. Likewise progressive-hero Fauci will never truly be gone, he’ll simply set oppressive policy slightly more behind the door, continuing to make your life miserable. It’s his calling.

So, like our counterparts in China, the horribly botched COVID crisis and the resulting “great reset” policy might be the first thing on your blank protest paper written in invisible ink – but not the last.

Right behind that might be a few invisible lines on the willful destruction of our border just as our wildly popular president – you know, the one with exponentially more votes than any American president in history – promised during his campaign with his “surge the border” remark. Indeed, the floodgates have been flung wide open for cartel-enriching human trafficking, got-aways with many on known terror watchlists and deadly poisons to eliminate our young. That can only get worse.

Then we might want to peacefully protest the intentional undermining of our energy sector and doubling of America’s “necessarily skyrocketing” energy prices. Since inflation and escalating fuel prices are one of the cruelest taxes ever imposed on hardworking Americans, perhaps we dare use a small oil stain on our otherwise clean paper for that unspoken protest? Just spitballing here.

Then, in more invisible ink on our crowded protest sign, we’ll add the historically humiliating retreat from Afghanistan and the laughable foreign policy that has repeatedly embarrassed and dogged America ever since.

Finally, if there’s any room left on your blank paper, you might quietly protest the filthy, dirty money that flowed effortlessly into the last elections from a pathetic grifter. And no, I’m not talking about Mark Zuckerberg this go around. Rather, the odd, polyamorous little progressive with the leg-shaking Saint Vitus Dance tic who flushed the retirement funds of decent, trusting Americans following Tom Brady’s lead. But he’ll be as teflon as Bill Clinton or the good Dr. Fauci since Sam Bankman-Fried threw piles of cash at all the right people, like kiss-blowing Maxine Waters.

I know, I know. I’m with you. There’s a whole lot more for us to take to the streets and protest over like the desperate treatment of Democrat vs. Republican presidents, or like the worthless government crypto coming soon. “Never let a (crypto) crisis go to waste.”

But unless you want to hoist a blank paper protest sign the size of NYC, I think we’re pretty well equipped to attend our first blank paper protest. See you in the streets.

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