Let's NOT return to 'normal' – let's return to 'sanity'

Multitudes of people in our world today are looking for a return to “normal” in their lives. Perhaps we should all be careful what we wish for, however! Let’s start with definitions of the words “sane” and “normal” (from an Apple supplied dictionary about 2009).

Normal: Conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected. Or, the usual, average, or typical state or condition: the service will be back to normal next week.

Sane: (person) of sound mind, not mad or mentally ill. (We are also referred to “sensible” so here are those notes:)
1 (of a statement or course of action) chosen in accordance with wisdom or prudence; likely to be of benefit : I cannot believe that it is sensible to spend so much | a sensible diet.
• (of a person) possessing or displaying prudence : he was a sensible and capable boy.
• (of an object) practical and functional rather than decorative : Mom always made me have sensible shoes.

The American College Dictionary from 1947-1955 defines “sane” as “free from mental derangement (a sane person), having or showing reason, sound judgment, or good sense,” and provides “sane advice” as an example.

Yeah, more detail than many of us like, but that’s sometimes just the way life is. Maybe God was onto something when he came up with those original Ten Commandments, in which He set forth certain aspects of acceptable human behavior.

The first thing that I see is that returning to normal might not be all we were hoping for, although it is a good campaign phrase (because people at polar opposites can both believe the candidate is talking directly to them about what they value). Hmm … sane vs. normal; I just wonder how many of us today actually value “sane” behavior. Therefore, when politicians talk about the world returning to “normal” we as voters would do well to note that the candidate had no specifics on just which “normal” that pol was referring to.

Perhaps we would do better to shift our focus to a sane world, rather than the “normal” world we had before. Would a sane world, for instance, allow adults to have sex with children? Would a sane world allow medical procedures to be performed on children without parental consent? Would sanity allow Big Pharma to treat the world’s population like a free supply of lab rats for their newest concoctions, while the government pays for the concoction, the distribution and insures that everyone takes the concoction? Would even a regular lab rat agree to that?

Would a sane world allow Big Tech billionaires and major corporations to limit debate on their plans for the world’s future? Would a sane world erase national boundaries and allow anyone to vote in any election, regardless of citizenship, residency, or owner status? Can we do that in shareholder elections for Big Tech, Big Media, or Big Pharma? Why not? Would a sane world allow billionaires to finance elections with their money, and then also pay for the technology and people who count the votes?

Would any sane state governor or legislature allow unelected bureaucrats to make the state’s laws by themselves, and enforce the laws by using coercive licensing powers over businesses and individuals? Would any sane resident want to start or build a business in that state, knowing that it exists not under the rule of law, but at the pleasure of dictator-wannabes?

Is the definition for sane any different than the definition for insane? Could it just possibly be that the “normal” we are so eager to see return is what gave us the insanity of the last few years? If so, why would we want that “normal” back now?

Part of the problem is that in a functional democracy, large-scale changes would be discussed for years before they were imposed. They would be viewed on Big Media, and debated in the House and the Senate of Congress and legislatures, with lots of publicity, and much public input and discussion. They wouldn’t be launched at invite-only galas for fake world leaders, as opposed to elected leaders from around the world.

A sane world must exclude fake democracy, where politicians who are bought and paid for by wealthy individuals control the outcome of critical issues, and where there is no room for debate. “Take it or leave it” doesn’t even apply, especially when a “new normal” for the entire world is being discussed by wealthy and powerful individuals who have already decided what they want the outcome to look like. Or maybe “take it or leave it” refers to a ticket on one of Musk’s rockets to Mars.

Our “normal” world prior to, say, the Ukraine-Russia conflict was already reasonably dysfunctional. Public health directors at all levels of government across the U.S. and Europe were permitted by elected leaders to assume dictatorial powers over their citizens under archaic “emergency” declarations, claiming they did not need legislative approval to shut down travel and business workplaces with “mandates.” Apparently, going forward into the future, we are one cold or flu sneeze away from economic ruin, social isolation and dictatorship by invisible, power-hungry people in government, all because some of us had the misfortune to become infected with a virus or pathogen previously unknown (or perhaps secretly developed by) the dictatorial class.

If “normal” is all you want a return to, then perhaps you’ve been a lab rat for way longer than you have imagined! If “normal” just means a return to your life as it was before the mandates, then you never had the appropriate civics courses in high school to understand the owner’s manual for American Government. All you need to do is read and understand some documents that can’t be “liked” or “unliked,” and update your life and actions appropriately.

If you dislike capitalism, and want to change the economy upon which you depend for essentials and goodies, just remember that the downfall of capitalism is that there is always a big-bucks billionaire who knows how you should live your life, and who can purchase the politicians needed to “make it so” (if he or she doesn’t already own them).

The downfall of communism is that the government owns the means of production and unelected bureaucrats can order you to do whatever they would like you to do, even if it benefits them way more than it does you (which it certainly will).

The downfall of “normal” is that it happens by accident or someone else’s intention; you just make incremental changes to adapt your life.

The downfall of sanity is that it requires a sane population to implement, and an educated population. Not college-educated, because that today leads to insanity. You only need the basics, which a few sane high school teachers could pass on to you during your educational sojourns.

Now is the time to decide whether you want a return to sane or normal. Think about where your kids will be in 20 years under either option. “Sane” is not an elective in today’s public schools. You may have to impart it to your offspring yourself.

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