LGBT cultural piracy and the SPLC

Note: This is the fourth column in a series on The Battle for Measure 9, the “No Special Rights Act,” put before Oregon voters in 1992. See previous columns.

In April of 1991, when the Oregon Citizens Alliance first submitted the language for what would become Measure 9 to the secretary of state (to oppose the LGBT campaign for special rights based on “sexual orientation”) “gay” strategists were running national piracy campaigns against both blacks and Jews to commandeer their socio-political machinery to advance their own selfish agenda.

The most memorable of the early efforts was their takeover of Jesse Jackson’s corporate “shakedown” system (the original germ of today’s “woke” corporatism), which he began calling the National Rainbow Coalition in conjunction with his 1984 run for president. A decade or so later, the no longer useful “useful idiot” Jackson was left by the roadside while the LGBTs drove away in his “vehicle for social change,” the “repurposed” rainbow flag (first used by the Black Panthers) fluttering from its antenna.

The LGBT hijack of black civil rights was addressed in Part 2 of this series. The LGBT hijack of the Jewish Holocaust was addressed in Part 3.

Heavily assisting in that piracy was the far-left hate-profiteering shark pod, the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) whose greed for money is matched only by its hypocrisy. From 1986 (the year of Bowers v. Hardwick) until a huge sexual harassment scandal in 2019, the SPLC was headed by J. Richard Cohen who is rumored to be a homosexual, but I cannot find the source I once relied on in making that accusation because the internet has since been washed clean of documentation about the life and work of Cohen except for the most bland and superficial facts – not even a Wikipedia page! How could that be for a social-engineering mastermind of his significance?

In any case, there is a major Oregon connection to the SPLC’s most famous legal victory during Cohen’s tenure: the takedown of California neo-Nazi Tom Metzger in 1988, exploiting the murder of Ethiopian graduate student Mulugeta Seraw (just a few blocks from where I was then living in Portland). The killer was the presumed homosexual street prostitute, “death-metal” band leader and Metzger protege Ken “Ken Death” Mieske. Before hooking up with Metzger, Mitske was plausibly rumored to have been a house-boy for famous Portland film director Gus Van Sant, a homosexual made famous by his films about “gay” teenage hustlers, including “My Private Idaho” (1991) and a lesser-known short film in 1988 titled “Ken Death Gets Out of Jail” (celebrating Mieske’s release from prison following a burglary conviction).

The SPLC cynically suppressed the homosexual aspect of the Metzger/Mieske case, even as it added yours truly to its “hate group” list for daring to document Nazi homosexuality in my book “The Pink Swastika.” But more importantly, the heavily (secularized) Jewish SPLC began equating anti-black and anti-Jewish racism with “homophobia,” helping to make that perspective a cornerstone of leftist ideology and to justify LGBT appropriation of their respective “moral authority” despite the strong objections of the then still family-centered black community and of Orthodox Jews.

Thus, thanks in significant part to the SPLC, the left’s propaganda campaign against Measure 9 and OCA was allowed to draw from both black and Jewish victim-symbolism – characterizing OCA leaders and supporters as KKK members and Nazis interchangeably – with NO push-back on the political misuse of either the civil rights movement or the Nazi/Holocaust narrative by leftist Jewish gatekeepers at the SPLC. That was critically important, because even then the SPLC was considered America’s premier authority on “hatred and bigotry” generally and “white supremacy” specifically. But I’m getting ahead of the story.

In October of 1987, Oregon Gov. Neal Goldschmidt, wanting to establish the state’s bona fides on “gay” issues and pander to a rising class of Democratic (and presumably SPLC-funding) homosexual mega-donors, issued an executive order granting civil rights minority status on the basis of sexual orientation. In response, the newly formed Christian conservative political network, Oregon Citizens Alliance, used Oregon’s very populist-friendly ballot initiative system to run a successful referendum overturning that order. It was a huge victory that established OCA as a significant political force and proved that Oregonians were far more conservative than the elites and their media toadies wanted the world to believe. Goldschmidt’s political career later ended in disgrace upon the revelation he had raped a teenage girl during his first term as Mayor of Portland.

One of those homosexual mega-donors to whom Goldschmidt was pandering was the notorious accused pederast Terry Bean, an Oregon “gay rights” activist and political lobbyist since the early 1970s and later co-founder of the world’s largest LGBT organization, the Human Rights Campaign. Bean, a very wealthy real estate investor, famously became the first homosexual “money bundler” on Barack Obama’s fundraising team. Bean was a close associate and ally of another disgraced Portland mayor, Sam Adams, whose own sordid sex scandal involved a teenage boy.

As I wrote in my article of Jan. 23, 2019, “Ed Buck and Terry Bean: The DNC’s Poster-Boys of Perversion”: “Mr. Bean was indicted back in 2014 or ’15 for allegedly gang-raping (along with his boyfriend) a teenage boy in Eugene, Oregon (coincidentally one of the nation’s oldest and most fruitful breeding-grounds for ultra-far-left Antifa fascism). Yet, Bean was able to buy his way out of trouble by publicly offering a $220,000 cash settlement to the victim, who subsequently disappeared, depriving the prosecutor of his most essential witness. The court then, in an unprecedented ruling given the seriousness of the case, dismissed the indictment. (A civil payoff to void a criminal charge is legal in Lane County, but previously unheard of for serious crimes – such is the power of political correctness to bend rules to the breaking point whenever homosexuals are involved in any public matter).” There is much more to the story here.

All of these examples of gross corruption and perversion share a common element: the egregious abuse of power by gate-keeping leftists in furtherance of the LGBT agenda. The SPLC, the corporate media, elected officials, civil rights figureheads and even prosecutors and judges all conspired to subvert justice to advance the overthrow of the Judeo-Christian social order. Alone in Oregon against that cabal stood the OCA and Ballot Measure 9.

The political war that then ensued will be the topic of my next installment.

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