Liberal hypocrisy: Roe v. Wade vs. Islam's 'taqiyya'

It is an interesting exercise in hypocrisy to see how liberals analyze supporting the 1973 Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) Roe v. Wade decision and the Islamic concept of “taqiyya” by taking completely contradictory positions on the two matters.

In 2015, during an interview about Islam, Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson declared, “Taqiyya is a component of Shariah (law) that allows, and even encourages you to lie to achieve your goals.” The liberal Washington Post criticized the statement, explaining that nothing in the Quran supports Carson’s assertion. It lectured readers that Muslims use taqiyya in a very narrow sense, only to be used when threatened with death for acknowledging they are believers but that nowhere in the Quran is lying to non-believers otherwise embraced.

Pro-Muslim scholars ridiculed Carson’s statements, suggesting taqiyya is an obscure Islamic concept the vast majority of Muslims do not even understand, although “every alt-right Twitter troll is an expert on Islamic theology now.” Relying upon the exact verbiage in the Quran, Islamic scholars contend that taqiyya is by no means an endorsement for Muslims to lie to non-Muslims. Carson’s supporters were basically challenged to show where in the Quran followers are encouraged to lie to non-Muslims in any other situation. Taking the position non-believers cannot claim the existence of taqiyya as Carson defined it if it is not so written in the Quran, the Washington Post issued its highest ranking for fake news – four “Pinnochios”–for Carson’s statement.

Against this backdrop, we now see, due to the pending and leaked decision in the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization overruling the 49-year-old Roe v. Wade case that held the U.S. Constitution protects a pregnant woman’s liberty to choose to have an abortion without excessive government interference, liberals take a contrary defense.

While the Dobbs decision is yet to become law, liberals have gone berserk in condemning SCOTUS for such a decision. But they fail to recognize that the Roe decision stretched the words of the Constitution to fit a square peg into a round hole. Dobbs seeks to remedy the situation by replacing bad law with good law. The question its supporters should now put to liberals is to show where in the U.S. Constitution abortion is addressed as a fundamental right. It simply is not there. Thus, there is no such right on a federal level, leaving each state individually to decide whether or not to ban abortions.

Liberals used just such an argument to defend taqiyya so logically (which does not seem to be important to them) they should accept the same argument in Dobbs. Just like with the liberal defense of taqiyya, one cannot claim abortion is a federal right if it is not so written in the Constitution.

What the Washington Post failed to report in its criticism of Carson, however, is that, while the Quran may not specifically state taqiyya allows one to lie in general to non-Muslims, it is a common trait of Muslim extremists to give it such an interpretation. This was revealed by an Iranian official’s recent declaration – after decades of his government claiming its nuclear program was strictly for peaceful purposes – acknowledging otherwise. Iran wants to have a nuclear weapons arsenal and admits it has lied in the past to reach that objective.

Former deputy speaker of the Islamic Consultative Assembly, Ali Motahari, stated the purpose of Iran’s nuclear program has always been to build a bomb but that it was impossible to maintain secrecy on the matter. In a haunting statement underscoring the West’s naivete on the matter, Motahari boasted that a country seeking peaceful nuclear power use never starts enrichment but first establishes a reactor and then enters the enrichment phase. Despite Motahari’s declaration, Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei continues to spout the lie that claims of Iranian intentions to build nuclear weapons are “absurd and senseless.”

While our anti-Second Amendment president may not appreciate the firearm analogy, as Biden continues moving toward a nuclear agreement with Tehran, it suggests he has bought into the taqiyya narrative “lock, stock and barrel.” So have liberal extremists who now demonstrate – some violently – against the Dobbs decision and to harass conservative SCOTUS members for simply doing their job correctly.

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