Magazine in bull's-eye after portraying LGBT agenda as 'golden calf'

A magazine in Israel has found itself in the bull’s-eye of the cancel culture that has so come to dominate social issues in America after portraying the LGBT agenda as a biblical “golden calf.”

That would be the idol that somehow came out of the fire while Moses was getting the Ten Commandments from God and the nation of people he led got impatient, insisting that Aaron create for them a god.

The Bible records they gathered their golden jewelry and, as Aaron explained later to Moses, he put it in the fire and out came the calf. It also was common at the time for nations to worship a calf, or a bull.

Cancel culture simply is a coordinated effort to attack and suppress any comments, or beliefs, that diverge from what is politically correct at the time.

Israel365news explains the Bible is clear on its instructions regarding homosexuality, with Leviticus 20:13 stating, “If a man lies with a male as one lies with a woman, the two of them have done an abhorrent thing.”

The “calf” representation was published by Channel 14:

The article was headlined: “LGBT-stan: how radical leftist groups control Israel with the religion of LGBT.”

The response was typical cancel culture, the report explained. “Some fellow journalists have pledged to boycott Channel 14, including Ynet’s parliament reporter Yuval Karni who said that although he has friends at Channel 14 and even interviews there ‘once in a while.’ He added that he would stop interviewing with them following the Now Magazine cover’s publication.”

Some of Israel’s leading corporations also joined in, including Supersol, Celcom and Carso.

The report explain that ironically, the issue has boosted the attention that the magazine is getting.

“The magazine’s cover story comes right before June, which the LGBT community refers to as ‘Pride Month’; Jerusalem will be hosting a Pride March on Thursday,” the report explained.

Israel365 News also noted that just a week earlier, “the dean of the Mitzpe Ramon hesder yeshiva (seminary) is under fire from Israel’s LGBT community after calling on his students to ‘fight’ against the gay agenda in a recent lecture, telling his audience to say ‘gays, go home!’ in their workplaces, according to footage shared by KAN news.”

And Rabbi Txvi Kustiner, the head of the yeshiva, explained, “Look how far the insanity has gone in the Education Ministry. This is the fight that I call on everyone to fight in his place. Do not be ashamed! Muster up the courage!”

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