Making Atlas shrug, 1 family at a time

By Joy O’Curran

In his article “Time for Everyone to Go Galt,” Charles Hugh Smith points out that when a governmental system becomes unfair or oppressive, the Pareto Distribution Principle emerges. He explains that when just 4% of the essential workforce opt out, the system generally can handle the loss. However, it creates a domino effect causing another 20% to lose their drive – and when that second wave moves out of the system, collapse is inevitable. We’re seeing some of the fruit of this happening right now: It’s called “quiet quitting” and “kidults.”

Smith’s title, of course, is referring to Ayne Rand’s classic tome “Atlas Shrugged” wherein a small group of high-level people encourage more and more of their corporate colleagues to mysteriously “drop out” of their rigged and teetering progressively communistic system riddled with cronyism and join a sort of “great brains” collective not subject to the bad government accomplices because they are hidden. They use their talents not to enrich the establishment, but rather to build a better (albeit smaller) society among themselves until the larger system collapses and the “producers” are valued for what they bring.

As evidenced by the recent uptick in preparedness and homesteading, it’s clear that many of us are anticipating (and maybe even longing for) a sort of collapse of what is proving to be a corrupt and dying system in America. Some point to racism and sexism as our problems. I wholeheartedly disagree. Our problems come from the degradation of our Christian moral worldview causing us to stray from the basic tenet of the rule of law (which is simply raw justice for all). Without them we fall hopelessly into chaos with no moral compass, replaced by a wholly invalid and illogical immoral compass driven by virtue signaling, disinformation (outright lies) and hostility. We do not have a political problem in this nation; we have a spiritual one!

Ayne Rand was not a Christian as clearly evidenced in numerous rants in her book. But she may have supplied a good idea. Clearly, the corporate elites of our time are quite happy with their temporary seats at the global table of commerce, filling their coffers and hardening their hearts. No, this job falls to the believers, the remnant, and, in fact, I believe it will do us a lot of spiritual good.

What if everyone seeing this apocalypse on the horizon sold out of the city, moved to the country, bought some small acreage and made a go of it? One parent works outside the home, the other stays home and teaches the kids, grows a garden and cares for a small menagerie of animals with the help of the kids. Singles, working part time maybe, could find and partner with a small family that needs help, or form a collective of like-minded singles or even encourage their retired parents to sign on. Single parents can combine households with parents too. Three-generation homes are a blessing! What if we stopped entertaining ourselves to (spiritual) death and got to work … for ourselves? What if we stopped buying brand names and switched to local grocery stores or smaller direct-to-customer warehouses for the items we can’t supply ourselves or source from neighbors? What if we stopped buying fast food and chain-restaurant fare and instead cooked largely at home or patronized local mom-and-pop restaurants? Shortening your supply chain and keeping your money local is the name of the game. We can all do that!

I’ll tell you what would happen: The family would be stronger, we would spend less money, eat better food, actually exercise, have a better educational experience, enjoy life more and, by encountering God’s creation firsthand in the garden, we would be so much the richer spiritually. We would hold our time and participation at church more valuable too. The added bonus could be a significant outflow from a corrupt and dying system so bloated by bureaucracy, waste and cronyism that we might see the Pareto Distribution Principle prove itself out.

I invite you to evaluate whether two jobs to support a landfill economy and entertainment lifestyle is worth it. Does soccer for the kids really provide a degree of value to their lives over and above a stable and fair government and economy? Just how important is it to have that latest iPhone? Status symbols are irrelevant outside the city and in heaven. Reversing the damage done in your children by the public schools pays individual, societal and eternal rewards for everyone.

Do the math and you’ll find that it’s not only doable, it’s a better lifestyle. Research how much healthier people are who regularly come in contact with live dirt, domesticated animals and clean air. There’s also the added bonus that if a collapse (or other calamity) does occur, you and your family are more prepared to help yourselves and others.

For several years now, I’ve been reading the news and thinking there must be something I can do to stop this trainwreck playing out in front of me. Does it make you sick to think of all your tax dollars spent on things you find morally reprehensible or downright evil? Unlike the characters in “Atlas Shrugged,” we can’t not pay taxes … but we CAN pay less! The less you earn and buy, the less you pay.

Now I know some of you are cringing, thinking, “What about my retirement? How can I afford to retire if I don’t successfully save?” You may still be able to save, but let me point out that every dollar the Fed prints steals buying power from the dollars you squirreled away. The dollar has lost something like 98% of its value in the last 100 years. Since they’ve stolen 98% of it already, what makes you think they’re not going to try and steal your last 2 cents?

Here’s something we can do. No mob rule, no insurrections. Instead, invest in something greater. Invest in your family, your community, your country and your God! I got your “Great Reset” right here.

Mrs. Joy O’Curran is a voracious Christian, adoring homeschooling mom and avid writer homesteading on a sub-rural two-acre Embassy for Christ. She enjoys caring for her family and her garden, and reading the Bible, Christian fiction (especially the old stuff) and conservative news from WND.

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