Man running for office after losing custody of son to mother who says he's a girl

A Texas man who lost custody of his young son to his ex-wife, who insists the son is a girl and dresses him that way, has announced plans to run for public office on a campaign of preventing such treatment of children.

“This is child abuse, as every conservative knows,” said Jeffrey Younger, of Flower Mound, on his campaign website, according to Courthouse News.

Younger said he wants to outlaw “chemical castration of minors” in seeking the seat representing the state’s House District 63. That office currently is held by Republican state Rep. Tan Parker, who is seeing the seat in Texas Senate District 12.

Younger said, “Even the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services considers medical transitioning of children [as] child abuse. But still the [Texas] Legislature hasn’t acted. Texas is one of the nation’s largest providers of sex-change surgeries and chemical castration hormone treatments to children.”

He also charged that the Coppell Independent School District is “right now actively teaching” his child to be a girl.

“When I took James to school in boys clothing, the teacher gave him a dress to wear,” Younger said. “The school doesn’t call James by his real name. They use a girl’s name. They actively teach James that he is really a girl. They even make James use the girl’s bathroom.”

The report said the dispute broke into the headlines in 2019 when a Dallas judge gave ex-wife Anne Georgulas custody of twins, including James.

“Georgulas admitted during testimony that she may have ‘over-affirmed’ the child’s female identity,” the report said.

Last summer, District Judge Mary Brown gave Georgulas parental rights, granting Younger supervised visits and barring action that would start “hormonal suppression therapy, puberty blocks, and/or transgender reassignment surgery” without the father’s consent.

When that custody order was released, The Western Journal reported a Democrat judge said it was in the best interest of James to be treated like a girl.

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