Mark Levin reveals the 'greatest threat' to America, and it's NOT Jan. 6

(Image by Anrita1705 from Pixabay)
(Image by Anrita1705 from Pixabay)

Democrats claimed for years the greatest threat to America was Donald Trump. Didn’t he, after all, collude with Russia on the 2016 election?

But their narrative was thoroughly debunked.

Then there was the Jan. 6 riot at the U.S. and that became the greatest threat, because it was an “insurrection” actually intended to overthrow the government, they claimed.

But that apparently isn’t so, either, according to columnist Mark Levin.

Actually, he said, it is the Democrats themselves who are the greatest threat to America:

In a commentary, he said, “Look how the Washington establishment, the media, the Democrat Party, Democrats in Congress, academia and all have all joined together the same organizations, the same people that pushed Russia collusion, … impeachments, and coups … Now they’re telling us that Jan. 6 is [and] … was the greatest threat to America since the Civil War.”

He explained, “Of course, that’s a flat-out lie. The greatest threat to America is the Democrat Party.

“Whether it’s slavery or segregation, whether it’s Jim Crow, whether it’s what they call democratic socialism or what is really American Marxism. They want to destroy and nationalize our electoral system, so they can turn the whole country into California. And Republicans can never win,” he explained.

Mark Levin
Mark Levin

Levin charged that the goals of the Democrats are clear: “They want to eliminate the capitalist system and replace it with … a socialist system. They want a centralized government, even though our Constitution is set up as a federalist system to divide power to protect us. And the whole focus of the revolution, the whole focus of the declaration, is on the unalienable rights of the individual. The whole focus of Biden and the Democrats in the media is against the individual.”

A major target then, he pointed out, is speech.

“If you have a different viewpoint, you dare not mention it in the classroom today. You dare not mention it on social media. You will be censored. You will be banned. You will be destroyed. That’s the nature of totalitarian regimes, not Americanism,” he said.

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