Maybe Hell is really Heaven redesigned for leftists

The more I see what leftists are trying to make America into, the more I wonder if God isn’t far ahead of us all and Hell is just Heaven redesigned to make leftists feel happy. After all, if God lets leftists go to any other afterlife, they will only ruin that for everyone else already there, just like they have done here on the earth!

As near as I can tell, the leftist agenda is to make everyone as miserable as they themselves are. Not that leftist misery is their own fault, of course! It has to be the fault of everyone who disagrees with them about what the world should become! Leftists know exactly what the world should look like! Just ask them; they will tell you. Tell you. And tell you again. But they speak in another language. One created for something other than humanity to understand.

  • Low gasoline prices? An outrage! Get those prices up there! With low gas prices we will never sell “green” energy to the masses.
  • In fact, to keep our planet green we must mandate electric vehicles for everyone! Let’s see … how many trillions of taxpayer dollars are needed to give everyone a new electric vehicle? Put it on the national credit card! Make more electricity! Fire up those old coal-powered electric generating stations, just don’t put them in leftist backyards! Ban nuclear power! Outlaw the new small nuclear single family generating stations that can be buried in your backyard.
  • Is there peace across the nations? Have all those Christians repurposed their swords into plowshares? Whatever happened to nuclear war and Mutually Assured Destruction? Let’s get one going between the U.S., China and Russia. All we need is to fund Ukraine with U.S. dollars and weaponry. Then millions of people will suffer or die – and it will all be the fault of the prior non-leftist occupant of the Oval Office!
  • Don’t like the latest designer disease created by Big Pharma in response to government directives? Give them more money to create a new one! Is the research itself illegal? Then outsource that research to our “partners” in China and Ukraine! We’ll pay for everything! Just do our dirty work at eliminating as much of humanity as you can! Remember: The only sustainable human population is zero! God? God! What do you mean consult God? What the hell does God have to do with the decision?
  • Can’t sell leftism to your friends? Then make it mandatory! What do you think government is for? Fund leftist candidates regardless of what they do and say, and regardless of whether the people who live in that state, county or city want leftist politicians! They must be enlightened to what Heaven on Earth looks like!
  • Is moral education for children in public schools reappearing? Time for another fill-in-the-blank pride march! Celebrate perversity! Make puberty blockers mandatory for children to attend public (financed) schools! Taxpayers? Parents? WTF do they have to do with this discussion? Their job is to pay for our leftist dreams!

I’m sure there are many more examples you can think of. Go ahead and list them. Or perhaps you can pass them directly onto God. We want our leftist government in-laws to be as happy as possible in their forever home.

If you don’t have a suitable outrage to contribute, go ahead and make one up! That’s what leftists do! The problems that are going to “kill us all” never materialize under anything except a leftist government. The solution to all of these problems is simple enough for even a leftist to recognize: Never vote for a leftist! Never let another leftist government take power! This will solve all problems leftists are so worried about!

What? You don’t think this will solve all our problems? You think we should let God take care of it? Well, sure. Let’s take a collection and pass it on to God, to help Him out. After all, the Human Ego on full display is a Big Problem! In fact, it is a Big Ugly! Only the Human Ego would think that we could put God out of the problem-fixing business, by doing it ourselves!

Oh, wait! Wait! There’s AI, now. Artificial Intelligence will fix everything for us! Plus, AI won’t try to impose any of that moralistic nonsense most of us think of when we think of God. Yes, AI is the solution! Satan could never gain control over any of the AI systems we develop!

Maybe it’s a good thing that we never had an earlier opportunity to encode our Human Ego into AI systems before now. If we had, there might not even have been a “now” for us to enjoy.

Earth’s Final Kingdom (Vol 4) in the Armageddon Story novel series.

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