Meadows predicts a coming Donald Trump candidacy

Donald Trump

Mark Meadows, the former White House chief of staff, has said that he sees another Donald Trump candidacy coming.

“He’s not going to make any announcement in the next week or two. And certainly would be months before we know whether he is going to be running again,” he confirmed. But he said, “as a guy that has had a number of conversations with him, the odds are that I think this is not the last time that we’ll see Donald Trump’s name on the ballot.”

His comments came in an interview with One America News Network.

Democrats several times have admitted that their ultimate goal in the two failed impeach-and-remove campaigns against President Trump were to try to assure that he would not or could not run again for the presidency.

Even after he left office and Joe Biden was inaugurated, their strategies appear to be continuing with various investigations that appear to be politically motivated.

The Washington Examiner reported Meadows said he was with Trump days ago at the North Carolina state GOP convention and Trump delivered a speech “as if he was out on the campaign trail again.”

Part of his comments was a critique of Biden, he said.

Meadows confirmed Trump will be focusing in the short term of helping candidates who “put America first.”

“He did not say what type of campaign Trump might consider in the future. Trump could run for the White House again in 2024. In a recent interview, Trump entertained the idea of becoming House speaker and impeaching Biden as a ‘very interesting’ one,” the report said.

Meadows also delivered his opinion that investigations being conducted by Democrats in New York – looking into Trump’s historic finances – are because they want to “make sure that he’s disqualified so couldn’t run again.”

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