Media's silence on election fraud: Deafening

Something very strange following the Nov. 3, 2020, presidential election has happened. Despite the occurrence on election night of numerous unprecedented acts such as the sudden vote-counting suspension in several key states where Donald Trump was leading at the time; how votes within some of these states, in mere minutes, gave rise to a mathematical impossibility of hundreds of thousands of Joe Biden votes “arriving” to offset Trump’s lead as he received an insignificant number; how suitcases filled with Biden ballots were mysteriously pulled out from under tables in voting centers after observers left; the repeated feeding of the same Biden ballots into voting machines; issuance of a sworn affidavit from a truck driver who, in the dead of that night and the following morning, claimed he transported thousands of Biden ballots from New York to Pennsylvania, etc., what is most strange is the fraud indifference exhibited in the election’s aftermath.

All the above, alone, were sufficient to raise the query whether fraud occurred, prompting an investigation. However, the media and government officials – mostly Democrats but also some Republicans – are rushing to inaugurate a president who may not have even been elected by the people in a fair contest. The possible consequences of this should, years later, evidence of fraud be proven would undermine every action Biden subsequently took as a fraudulently elected president, including international treaties, appointing judges, implementing immigration policies, etc. Biden himself should even embrace such an investigation to eradicate doubts of illegality that will haunt his presidency or has a chance at undermining it later.

But the media that sharpened their skills digging up the truth during times of crisis in our country’s history have largely been silent.

The building blocks upon which the media honed their historic investigative skills included events such as the 1962 Cuban Missile Crisis, the 1963 assassination of President John F. Kennedy, the early 1970s’ Watergate scandal, determining whether Iraq’s Saddam Hussein was ultimately hiding nuclear missiles in 1989 or faking it to threaten Iran, etc. Yet, despite sufficient evidence now existing – potentially undermining the very core of our democracy – the silence from those who should be concerned is deafening. Ironically, even the diehard conspiracists, who to this day still contend Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone in assassinating Kennedy, fail to sound the alarm.

Why the lack of concern? Are Trump Derangement Syndrome adherents so hateful they willingly embrace a fraudulent election to remove him from office, even if it means turning a blind eye to traitors abusing our democracy? Have other concerns, such as coronavirus and lockdowns, so focused Americans on self-survival that national survival is of less interest? Is the public so convinced massive voting fraud could not have happened in our system that they refuse to see it may well have? Are the media so ideologically entrenched to the far left, they willingly ignore the biggest political scandal in American history?

What is disturbing about fraud deniers serving in positions of responsibility in the country, such as Sen Mitt Romney, RINO-Utah, is their willingness to embrace Biden as winner without thoroughly researching the extensive fraud evidence.

Biden supporters look at the issue of a presidential election tainted by fraud the way Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minn., viewed a recent police shooting of an unarmed black man during an arrest. Her knee-jerk reaction was claiming the act represented “state sanctioned murder,” making no effort to investigate the claim before spouting off about an incident she did not research. Watching the police video revealed the threat officers faced justified lethal force. Similarly, absent investigation, Biden supporters spout off, refusing to investigate facts about which they know nothing, exhibiting indifference to what may well have happened. They should heed the 400-plus members of the intelligence, law enforcement and, notably, the judiciary community who have now formed a loose network claiming voter fraud and demanding an investigation.

On Jan. 6, Congress officially counts the electoral votes. Eleven Republican senators who, having now joined together, will request that day that Congress appoint an electoral commission to manage an emergency 10-day audit concerning the election results. Vice President Mike Pence, who will preside over the joint session of Congress Wednesday, has said he welcomes the election challenge. If any effort to restore integrity to our voting process is to be undertaken, this, at a minimum, must happen. Failing to do so plants a seed of presidential illegitimacy for Biden that will plague him for life.

Should an historical point in time of a democracy’s existence occur where a line representing its strength intersects with a line representing voter indifference – the former falling beneath the latter – that democracy is on life support, its recovery unlikely. Before finding ourselves there, we need to see an investigation undertaken to ensure a meaningful 2020 vote really was held.

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