Mike Huckabee warns 'specter haunting' U.S. threatening 'to destroy American normalcy'


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The U.S. Department of Justice recently gave up any claim of being a neutral enforcer of America’s laws, demanding in statements released to the public that the U.S. Supreme Court was wrong when it based Second Amendment and abortion case decisions on the Constitution.

It would have been better, the DOJ suggested strongly, had the judges followed the Democrats’ political agenda of more gun restrictions and more abortions.

Now former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee has put into words what many Americans likely are thinking: That the leftists in Washington actually are a threat to Americans.

In a commentary posted at Real Clear Politics, Huckabee, the 44th governor of Arkansas and also a 2016 Republican candidate for president, confirmed, “There is indeed a specter haunting our country that threatens to destroy American normalcy and tear the very fabric of our Republic’s democratic way of life.”

That threat, however, is not coming from President Donald Trump, the bull’s-eye for many an aspiring Democrat, Republicans, conservatives, or even the “imaginary ‘right-wing extremist’ monsters that seem to lurk under Nancy Pelosi’s bed.”

Mike Huckabee (Video screenshot)
Mike Huckabee (Video screenshot)

The threats, are, in fact, “coming from the Democratic Party, which is seeking to completely subvert American law and order and use it as a tool to suppress their political opponents,” he warned.

Not only did Pelosi refuse to respond to the threats of violence during the Jan. 6, 2021, riot at the Capitol – violence she had been warned about, she’s now staging “what is effectively a series of show trials trying to blame President Trump for what occurred that day,” he said.

He explained there’s lots of evidence now that “Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats had ample evidence of a potential for violence on January 6, 2021 – yet they did nothing to prevent it, preferring instead to exploit it as a pretext to suppress their political opponents.”

Reports have confirmed Capitol Hill Police two weeks before the riot warned of the possible violence.

But Huckabee said that’s only part of it.

“Barely a month after the incident itself, the New York Times reported that the ‘FBI was aware of violent online posts before the rally, with the bureau’s field office in Norfolk, Virginia, issuing a report that flagged one anonymous thread that warned of a looming war at the Capitol.’ And that report came barely a week after CHP Chief Yogananda Pittman admitted that ‘we knew that there was a strong potential for violence and that Congress was the target,'” Huckabee said.

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Further, President Trump had suggested calling up thousands of National Guard troops to deter violence. Democrats refused.

Now Huckabee said, the key questions is, “Was Nancy Pelosi offered and refused 10,000 troops to protect the Capitol by President Trump? And why did CHP officers stand aside as protesters flooded the Capitol building – and in some cases removed barricades to let them in?”

He said as the Democrats now are staging “sham” hearings about the violence that day – looking to try to find a way to blame, or even charge, President Trump, “it’s hard to argue that Pelosi and the Democrats weren’t willing to allow violence to occur on that day, and eagerly exploited the situation to pin that violence on President Trump and the millions of law-abiding patriots who support him.”

The decision by Democrats, he said, was to “use[] the violence as an excuse to persecute their political opponents.”

Huckabee pointed out, “Over the past five years, we’ve seen the Democrats and their apparatchiks in the mainstream media describe basic, foundational conservative positions as ‘far-right’ and ‘extremist.’ We’re now seeing them pushing for red-flag gun laws, which are far more likely to be used to target law-abiding gun owners with political views Democrats don’t like than to keep guns out of the hands of mentally ill high school students who wish to murder their peers. ”

IMPORTANT NOTE: America’s innocent young children are shockingly being subject to massive recruitment efforts by LGBT and transgender groomers in the nation’s schools. Alongside this, the rest of the deranged Biden agenda continues to unfold, from engineering an ever-growing full-scale foreign invasion of America, to destroying the nation’s fossil fuel industries while purposely creating sky-high inflation, to bringing America to the brink of nuclear war. Now, the very same political, cultural and sexual revolutionaries responsible for all of this chaos and madness have finally dared to “come out” and publicly identify exactly who they consider to be their biggest enemy: CHRISTIANS. That’s right. Bible-believing, Judeo-Christian morals-affirming Christian believers – the kind who founded America, wrote her Constitution, and defended her with their lives for centuries – are now considered the biggest enemy threatening the future of America! This almost unbelievable trend is documented in the stunning June 2022 issue of WND’s critically acclaimed Whistleblower magazine (available in both print and digital editions), titled “ELITES FINALLY REVEAL THEIR #1 ENEMY: CHRISTIANS.”

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