Minister claims 'Bible must give way' to same-sex 'marriage'

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A minister in the state-endorsed Church of Scotland stunningly has claimed that the Bible is not always the authority that people must follow.

The shocking statement comes from Rev. Scott Rennie, who openly lives a homosexual lifestyle, and concerns same-sex marriage.

The Christian Institute reported how Rennie’s opinion concerns the Bible and whether it is the “final word on sexual ethics.”

Rennie claimed that there’s “disagreement about Scripture and its place and its connection with reason and the modern world.”

He was being challenged by Rev. Andrew McGowan over the church’s recent decision to allow ministers to conduct same-sex weddings in its churches.

The interview between the two was posted online at BBC.

Rennie contended that Bible teachings against same-sex acts have to be reinterpreted in the “light of contemporary thinking,” the Christian Institute explained.

McGowan, a professor of theology at the University of the Highlands, explained, “I don’t think we’re at liberty to make up our morality as we go along, because God has spoken by his Spirit through the Scriptures.”

He pointed out, “The Scriptures are very clear, that same-sex sexual acts are contrary to God’s will and sinful and therefore the church should not be promoting such.”

Rennie then claimed that the Bible must yield because of what society today has learned “through psychology, through science, and we’ve got to read Scripture in that light.”

Rennie said people know so much more now, that the Bible has to be reinterpreted.

“I’m not suggesting we should just throw away the Scriptures and just conform to anything,” he claimed. But he said, “people’s understanding of human sexuality has developed, we’ve grown better, we know more, and so we read the Scriptures in that light.”

McGowan warned that the decision by the church’s officials to let ministers do same-sex weddings was both “unbiblical and sinful.”

“This decision contradicts everything the Bible has to say about the complementary nature of men and women, and of the character and purposes of marriage,” he explained. “Instead of following the clear and unambiguous teaching of God’s written word, the Bible, the Church of Scotland continues to follow popular opinion.”

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