Mom blame trans agenda for death of daughter, who walked in front of train

A bereaved mother whose daughter died at the age of 19 by stepping in front of a barreling train in Los Angeles is blaming her local school district’s transgender agenda for the death.

Abigail Martinez explained in an interview with the Daily Mail that her daughter was depressed, having been engulfed in confusion over her sexuality and gender for several years.

The school, which had been sued by the Barack Obama administration for allegedly discriminating against a transgender boy, instead of helping with a treatment for depression, referred the girl to LGBT clubs, told her not to talk to her mother, and essentially promoted transgenderism to her, the mother explained.

“I knew that the hormones wouldn’t work,” she said. “She was taken away from my house because they wanted to save her life. My question to all of them is where is my daughter now? Why did they play with her life?”

The daughter was convinced by LGBT activists to insist she be called Andrew Martinez, not Yaeli Galdamez, the report explains, and died Sept. 4, 2019. A court case has been filed over her death.

The Human Rights Campaign notes that suicide attempts among those undergoing transgender treatment, or even after having completed it, are not unusual.

A report explains, “More than half of transgender male teens who participated in the survey reported attempting suicide in their lifetime, while 29.9 percent of trangender female teens said they attempted suicide. Among non-binary youth, 41.8 percent of respondents stated that they had attempted suicide…”

The mother accused the Los Angeles County area school of encouraging Yaeli to take hormones and undergo gender reassignment surgery, explaining that school staff told her daughter “not to speak to her mother about transgender issues,” and then secretly referring her to an LGBTQ group where members persuaded her she would only be happy by becoming male.

The mother’s lawsuit was filed against LA County and its Department of Child and Family Services, the Daily Mail report said.

Abigail Martinez reported her daughter was showing signs of depression by eighth grade, and she soon “She was questioning her sexuality. It was a shock, but she was trying to find out her identity. It’s normal, what children don’t go through that at that age?”

Her next shock was at the school’s actions, she said.

“The school was telling her to go to these LGBT groups behind my back. She went from questioning her sexuality to her gender. She had these peers at school two years older than her. They were the ones who brought these ideas – ‘Maybe you’re depressed because don’t you feel like you’re a boy?’ – and the school was supportive of that.”

The young girl had tried to overdose on pills at that time, and later tried to jump off a bridge, attracting the attention of social workers.

Her mother said she tried to accommodate her daughter’s wishes, agreeing to call her “Jay” and buying her “masculine” clothes.

“I just wanted my daughter back. I didn’t want to be the mean mom to say ‘no no no.’ I wanted to give her the help she needed at that time. But I knew the haircut or whatever she was trying to do wouldn’t make her happy,’ Martinez told the publican.

She said she repeatedly told social workers the help that was needed was mental health help.

Yaeli then was told the only way to get the trans surgery paid for by the state was to be in foster care, and social workers arranged that after Yaeli was “coached” into making a false claim about being slapped, the report said.

It wasn’t long before Pomona police called, she said.

“Around 9:30 p.m. that night, she walked in front of the train tracks facing a train. She went on her knees, raised her arms up and just laid on the tracks,” Abigail Martinez explained.

She said her family is now “broken” and Roger Severino, a former civil rights director for the federal Department of Health and Human Services, suggested the district pushed transgenderism over their fear of losing funding.

He said, “Instead of working through the underlying depression, they put Abi’s daughter on a one-way track straight to transition and chemical interventions that would lead to permanent sterilization as a kid. Because the state took Abi’s daughter away, her depression got worse. And without having her mother’s love, she took her own life.”

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