More evidence Joy Behar is a racist

There’s an old saying: “When a woman is hideously unattractive and uncouth, she cannot afford to be grotesquely ignorant as well.” Apparently, TV host Joy Behar doesn’t grasp the truth of said bromide. But then again, when she looks around the seating arrangement on the set of her television calamity called”The View” and sees Whoopi Goldberg, it’s easier to understand why she would feel superior as a liberal lowlife.

As long as I’m on the subject, add the Obama woman and “Otis” Winfrey (my name for Oprah). They comprise the gold medal team of real-life horror characters. They make the “Weird Sisters” in “Macbeth” look cherubic by comparison.

It’s even more disturbing that Behar would have the hubris to ostensibly call recently announced Republican presidential candidate Sen. Tim Scott, R-S.C., and Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas “house niggers” for daring to impugn her citadel of so-called skin color and identity politics. Said citadel being: “If you’re a black crayon, you must be a victim.”

Even if Behar were a remotely substantive person, I wouldn’t feel obliged to be offended by her uninhibited true racist character displayed for everyone to see.

Sen. Scott and Justice Thomas are men of character, morals and the embracing of modernity. They exemplify the best American outcomes when the great opportunity available to all is used to realize one’s goal and dreams. That something like Behar would attempt to humiliate two extraordinary role models of godly values, American statesmanship, family and achievement is morally opprobrious and boorish, but obviously not out of character for her and her kind.

Scott and Thomas are men whose rise above their humble beginnings should be modeled as examples of what determination and integrity can accomplish in America.

It’s indefensible that a shriveled old shrew with a putty-filled face like Behar, would demean the great achievement by two Americans of humble beginnings.

Perhaps Behar felt it was her birthright as a bipedal example of presbyopia in which her life worsens juxtaposed to just her eyesight. Her kind resent deeply the fact that they’ve compromised themselves as meat to be passed around for the gratification of abusers in order to obtain a position on camera. Then again, I’d guess there are other ways to get on camera if you have limited talent.

Naturally, she would deeply resent Sen. Scott and Justice Thomas. They’re accomplished men who achieved based upon faith, hard work and moral integrity. Her kind must rely upon sleeping with and selling their soul to the right producers and/or influencers similar to the Kamala Harris method of “how to get ahead.”

I get it! I understand why her type are bitter and resentful of any man, especially a man with more melanin than they have, who achieves success with both feet on the ground and morals.

Scott and Thomas are free to think and speak according to their true convictions. Those like Behar are permitted only to think as they’re told. She epitomizes liberal amorality subscribing to the lowest forms of human behavior. We should ask her who has killed more of their own children, she or Whoopi? But, I digress.

In her simpleminded attempt at insult, Behar claimed: “[Scott] is not pro-choice, and he’s one of these guys, like Clarence Thomas – a black Republican who believes in pulling yourself by your bootstraps, rather than, to me, understanding the systemic racism that African Americans face in this country and other minorities. He doesn’t get it, and neither does Clarence, and that’s why they’re Republicans.”

It’s hard to for a person to be more incoherent than Behar in her screed. Had she stopped for a moment to think before she opened her mouth, she may have been able to make less of a fool out of herself.

Can she possibly be such a duplicitous, dishonest hate-monger with such absolute contempt for truth that she failed to comprehend the position to which Sen. Scott has been elected and to which he now aspires? Does she not understand the weight of accomplishment the position Justice Thomas holds?

Or is it as Ben Carson rightly affirmed: “Politically correct liberals are some of the most racist and bigoted people he has ever known or witnessed.” As I’ve stated many times, they’re the ones who have no trouble with persons of color as long as the persons of color aren’t superiors intellectually. They can handle those they assignate as “minority” because it allows them to feel superior based upon their variant form of so-called white guilt. But, the thing Behar et al. absolutely cannot stand is a person with more melanin who is their intellectual superior with a lexicon that exceeds theirs, especially if that person is a Christian conservative.

Behar represents the two types of Erebusic malevolents who are doing injury to the fabric of unity We the People truly desire. Her kind at their core are racist bigots who assuage their consciences by allowing themselves to have so-called black superiors in their workplace.

Lyle H. Rossiter, Jr., M.D., authored a book titled, “The Liberal Mind: The Psychological Causes of Political Madness.” The book is a treatise pursuant to “modern liberalism’s irrationality being the product of psychopathology: a massive transference of neurosis acted out in the world’s political arenas, with devastating effects on the institutions of liberty.”

Dr. Rossiter writes: “So extravagant are the patterns of thinking, emoting, behaving and relating that characterize the liberal mind that its relentless protests and demands become understandable only as disorders of the psyche.”

It is neither Christians nor conservatives who are intolerant. It’s liberals exemplified by Behar who are the most hateful, intolerant, rapacious, discordant persons in society.

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