More evidence that November's election was stolen

How does a president of the United States lose an election when he has a majority of likely voters behind him?

That’s the disturbing mystery still surrounding November’s election.

It also provides a trifle more evidence Donald Trump is right about the steal – the theft, the swindle, the biggest hijacking in the history of the U.S.

In Rasmussen’s final presidential tracking poll for President Trump, 51% of likely voters approved of his job performance.

If translated into votes, this have been enough to deliver to Trump the kind of massive victory over Joe Biden that he expected.

How many disapprove of Trump’s performance? Only 41%, according to Rasmussen.

When you watch returns coming in on election night with Trump way ahead, did you figure there was a reason counting STOPPED? Was that the first time it occurred to you this was going to be an election unlike any other?

When you watched the record crowds attending rallies during a pandemic and Joe Biden unable to draw flies by comparison, was that the best evidence of all?

When you heard the horror stories of voters in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Michigan, Arizona, Wisconsin and Nevada, did you think Americans would ever get to hear about the most important defrauding in election history?

When you saw that Georgia once again was denied a free and fair election in the same way, had you lost all faith?

When you saw the way the networks and Big Tech managed to squelch any reporting on the fraud charges, did you think America would ever descend lower?

When you read that Trump was easily found by the annual Gallup poll to be the most admired man in the world, were you just a little more suspicious about how Joe Biden barely ranked? Want to know where Joe Biden finished? A distant third, with just 6% of Americans naming him.

When are we going to have an open inquiry on this? Must it wait for freedom of speech to make a comeback in the U.S.? With the obvious winner of the fraud ensconced in the White House, protected by National Guardsman, still giving knock-out speeches and people like me seen as “domestic terrorists,” the odds are not in our favor.

But, people, take heart.

Stick to your principles.

Don’t panic.

We’re playing the long game.

I know it does not seem like we have a card to play.

But just remember who we’ve got in our corner – God.

Is there anything too difficult for Him?

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