More facts about Democrats and their Negroes

Those who subscribe to my website,, are familiar with my weekly video called “The Video Rant.” A recent such video was titled: “It’s Time We Tell The Truth About Negroes.” In it I said: “It’s time to stop pretending that Negros aren’t the source of the problems that plague so many of them. We must speak the truth to their dysfunction.”

The one truth I have repeated time and again is that there’s no demographic of people on earth who are subject to lower expectations and less culpability regarding personal responsibility than those I herein reference.

Nowhere is this exampled more transpicuously than in their emotional, mental and psychological Pavlovian allegiance to the Democratic Party, a reality describable as the Stockholm Syndrome on steroids.

The Democratic Party has treated these people with the disrespect and indecency to which Bill Clinton has subjected Hillary. They are publicly humiliated and of value only when acting in subordinate positions that support Democrats’ malfeasance.

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is the equivalent of a toothless old dog that is kept around because it can still bark. The CBC does nothing; in fact its existence would be ostensibly unknown if the members of same didn’t show up every so often at the command of Democratic leadership when it’s necessary or convenient to add accusations of “the white man is out to get” them. Or when adding accusations of racism at times Democrats fear losing an election.

The latter is what we just witnessed when Biden wheeled out another failed initiative that is intended to reduce the harm caused by the record inflation he is singularly responsible for creating.

If what Biden is doing to the economy and if his style of so-called leadership appears more destructive than corrective, that’s because they are. Denying that this is his plan doesn’t make it not his plan. As my late grandmother used to say: “Just because you don’t see the devil doesn’t mean he’s not there.”

As WND’s Art Moore wrote: “Amid crushing inflation fueled by an accelerated push for ‘renewable’ energy, record-high government spending and foreign-policy failures, Biden announced a major initiative to cut down on ‘junk fees’ from banks, airlines, cable companies and other industries that he emphasized will especially help ‘people of color.'”

Among the “junk fees” Biden referenced were the ancillary fees associated with air-travel. Right on cue, Biden called such fees unfair and racist because they were most harmful to the “marginalized … especially low-income folks and people of color.”

Of course, he will be hailed as sensitive and showing compassion for the least of these, just as the Bible instructs. Funny, how people like these godless infidels are quick to quote from the Word of God they refuse to recognize and obey; but I digress.

This is the Hegelian Dialectic approach at its unequivocal best. They either create a problem or seize upon one, then pretend to react, i.e., respond to the problem by instituting a solution they have already predetermined.

Biden destroyed the economy across the board in approximately 18 months. Unemployment, inflation, fuel costs are at all-time highs. And his idea to correct things is to do away with ancillary fees for air-travel and banking.

The irony is that he claims to be doing this for the ‘po-colored folks’ who can afford $400 Air Jordan sneakers but supposedly cannot figure out how to obtain photo identification in order to vote.

Notwithstanding, just how many of these he is calling marginalized low-income people of color care about the ancillary pricing in air travel? Let’s be real here! I don’t see these people making a run on airports even for the holidays.

This is typical of his kind. Food is at record highs, and he is going to make airlines charge less for legroom. That’s a so-called leader who is in touch with the people.

This is an example of an absence of respect for their house pets. And pets are all these people are to Democrats. They come when they are called and riot on cue. And yet these people refuse to see the truth. It is as if being treated like subhumans makes their day.

But that’s what Democrats expect of them. Biden called his colored house pets “predators” in his speech on the 1994 Crime Bill. Hillary called these people “super predators.” Biden was generous if not outright impressed with Obama for being a “clean, articulate” colored boy.

The amount of documented evidence with respect to the contempt Democrats have for the Negro is undeniable. The fact that these people refuse to turn award from a party whose singular purpose since its inception has been to destroy and subjugate Negros, proves how effective and thorough a job has been done upon the psyche of Democrats’ subjects.

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