Most Americans are ignorant of COVID natural immunity

Back in April of this year I wrote an article entitled: “Will natural COVID immunity be reflected on the ‘vaccine passport’?”

Sadly, almost four months later, I must report that exactly zero progress has been made by the ruling class to include natural occurring immunity in the discussion of who is deemed “worthy” and who remains a walking, talking “super spreader.” I mean, unless you’re “sophisticated” like those who attended the Obama birthday bash. Then you’re OK.

In fact, things are getting demonstrably worse for the “unsophisticated” plebes who have decided, whatever the reason, to abstain from taking the shot, or two, or more.

Many in the private sector have begun to succumb to the pressures of the public sector “experts-on-high” and have created their own Maginot Line of sorts at the entrances to their businesses. None but the vaxxed may enter! Even the National Football League is taking a hard line with unvaccinated players. This is the vaccine passport we “wackos” have been warning about for going on a year now.

The reason I wish to revisit this topic is simple. I spoke to a vendor of mine this past Wednesday morning. She was just returning to work after having contracted COVID and was still feeling a bit run down.

She told me she was contemplating getting the vaccine, but was still hesitant as she didn’t fully trust it. Music to my ears! I took the opportunity to explain how her body likely was reacting to the virus.

After a short back and forth, it was obvious that while she was fairly well read, she still knew nothing of natural immunity or that there is even a test for it. She added that not a single medical professional mentioned it.

She thanked me for the knowledge; we concluded our business and hung up.

I immediately got to thinking that if she didn’t know, how many thousands, or hundreds of thousands or more also are completely ignorant of the miraculous effects of natural immunity and the potential danger of getting the vaccine, with the COVID-recovered having already produced high levels of protective antibodies.

In April, I watched a very interesting and informative video by Dr. Suneel Dhand. In addition to his practice in internal medicine, he is also a writer, speaker and personal trainer.

Dr. Dhand is an advocate for vaccines in general and encourages all his patients to get various proven vaccines, so he is clearly not an “anti-vaxxer.” He says he is student of history, particularly of vaccines like smallpox, polio and others that have virtually eradicated such diseases.

Dhand discovered very early last year that he contracted the SARS-CoV-2 virus. At the time, he just thought it was a mild viral infection. It turns out that, based on a blood antibody serum test he had in May of 2020, he had contracted COVID-19. The test revealed what’s called a positive IgG. This is important.

This IgG shows that the doctor, by fighting the virus naturally, produced high levels of protective antibodies that prevent him from re-contracting COVID.

Now, the jury is still out on just how long the various vaccines will protect people from contracting the virus. There appear to be indications that they may be no more effective than a flu shot, meaning one may have to get a COVID shot every year, or possibly more often than that.

However, over a year after the doctor contracted COVID and developed his own IgG antibodies naturally, his blood serum tests are still coming back positive with high levels of these protective antibodies.

And herein lies the dilemma for the good doctor, and probably many thousands (or much more) of us out here.

All efforts regarding COVID have concentrated only on risk minimization – wearing masks, social distancing, shutting down, locking down – and in some cases, nothing short of police states – and of course the development and administering of vaccines.

No effort has been expended to discover who has developed these natural IgG positive antibodies, despite that fact that naturally occurring antibodies most often are more effective against virus and disease than any vaccine.

And there’s another potential problem the good doctor posits. If one already has these protective IgG positive antibodies and receives the vaccine, there is a potential they can develop hyper-immunity.

Hyper-immunity, or hyper immune response, can cause an otherwise healthy immune system to go into overdrive. A normal, healthy immune system defends the body against disease and infection. But if the immune system malfunctions, as in developing hyper-immunity, it may mistakenly attack healthy cells, tissues and organs. Called “autoimmune disease,” these attacks can affect any part of the body, weakening bodily function and even turning life-threatening. The problem with this is that such hyper-immunity can’t be detected until after the vaccine is administered. And then, it’s too late.

Is this just something the Faucian (h/t: Steve Deace) “experts” are content to overlook in their zeal to thrust the vaccine on everyone – needed or not? It appears so.

And there’s one more extremely valid point Dr. Dhand raises. He, by means of several IgG positive tests over more than a year’s span, has proven that he retains the immunity necessary to stave off the COVID-19 virus.

His question (and mine), then, is: If a vaccine passport becomes a widespread requirement, will natural immunity be reflected on the passport? Or will he and countless others still have to get the unneeded and perhaps life-threatening vaccine, despite the risk of developing hyper-immunity?

So far we know the answer is a willfully ignorant no … and then yes!

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