Mother's plea underscores failure of Democrats' agenda

A mother’s recent plea on national television identifies THE major problem with Democrats’ domestic policies.

On “Fox & Friends First,” Pennsylvania mother Leslie Holt shared the tragedy of losing her daughter to fentanyl. She lambasted Democratic senatorial candidate John Fetterman for the Democrats’ “totally outrageous” progressive crime policies voiced during his debate.

Fetterman supports Philadelphia District Attorney Larry Krasner’s progressive agenda, despite violence in the City of Love surging to record-high levels. Helped into office by a $1.7 million campaign contribution from billionaire George Soros, Krasner implements policies releasing criminals back out into the public. Pennsylvania’s Republican-run House now seeks to remove Krasner.

Holt lamented:

“This is [really] not a message just for John Fetterman. … What I’m speaking to are the moms, the families who have lost their kids to fentanyl poisoning, and anyone. Regardless of whether it’s John Fetterman or any other politician who is running it, they have to realize that victims’ rights, my rights as a parent, my daughter’s right to be alive [is] not something that you can ‘just’ blithely push away. That’s unacceptable.”

Fentanyl deaths are reaching record levels due to the “easy pass” access given to drug cartels crossing our borders, courtesy of President Joe Biden. They are being joined by record numbers of illegal immigrants that include violent criminals as well as terrorists. A common thread is emerging – one further evidenced by the thousands of Americans who will die as victims of crimes or car accidents involving illegals.

This thread is not one related just to outside influences entering the country but also to a wokeist plague that divides us. Wokeism rejects the concept of universal human equality, instead injecting the premise that a divisive systemic white privilege mindset is harbored by all Caucasians and therefore must be eradicated.

Wokeism drives Americans away from the mindset that has historically proved imperative in challenging times – such as World War II. It is a mindset best reflected by the words of the popular 19th century author Alexandre Dumas. In his novel “The Three Musketeers,” Dumas popularized the creed “all for one and one for all.” Sadly, however, that creed has fallen victim, due to 21st century wokeism, to one of “everyone for themselves,” depending upon a particular group identity.

Interestingly, the second part of the Dumas quote, often not quoted, but even more important is: “… united we stand divided we fall.”

So what is the common thread?

America is a nation of 330 million people. It is impossible for a government to be all things to all people. Therefore, it has to focus upon the citizenry’s collective interest in the common good.

Concerning illegal immigration, this is not done by opening our border floodgates, creating numerous problems for American citizens. Yet illegal immigrants are actually being treated better than our homeless as we ignore the wisdom of “charity begins at home.”

Meanwhile, other policies, such as transgenderism, set a precedent for a belief system pandering to a small minority by which the rights of the few are prioritized over those of the many. This belief system dismisses the concept of the universal equality of all human life, trumping the common good.

As Holt’s comments above suggest, this belief system has even led, in criminal cases, to recognizing perpetrators’ rights over victims’ rights. To retain power, Democrats favor using victimization’s dividing call rather than equality’s unification call – ironically while denying the former to a group desperately needing it most, the unborn.

Far from healing America’s social wounds, Democrats’ agenda opens them up. Those wounds will continue bleeding absent application of the salve of the common good.

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