Movie 'What is a Woman?' hit with major cyber attack

Scene from The Daily Wire movie "What is a Woman?" ( Video screenshot)
Scene from The Daily Wire movie “What is a Woman?” ( Video screenshot)

During the premiere Wednesday night of a movie that features scholars on the political left brazenly denying basic biology in their defense of transgender activism, The Daily Wire’s website was the target of a cyber attack.

A “significant and sustained DDoS attack” Wednesday night was “meant to disrupt the world premiere of “What is a Woman,” said Jeremy Boreing, The Daily Wire’s co-CEO.

A DDoS – distributed denial-of-service – attack is a malicious coordinated campaign that seeks to shut down a computer server by flooding it with extreme levels of traffic from bots.

“A million requests per minute at the peak flooded our system and created challenges for many viewers,” Boreing said in a statement.

“Someone doesn’t want you to see this movie,” he added.

The film features the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh asking ordinary citizens, medical professionals and even African tribesmen to define “woman.”

“The left will do whatever they can to make sure no one sees this movie,” Walsh said. “They know their ideology is based on lies and their logic is hollow and premiering the movie to a massive online audience will not only be an utter embarrassment to them but will send a message that they will not win this battle.”

In the film, Walsh speaks with a “gender expert” who explains “a chicken has an assigned gender, but a chicken doesn’t have a gender identity.”

Dr. Michelle Forcier, an associate professor of pediatrics at Brown University who specializes in gender, sexual and reproductive health, told Walsh we only “assume they are female if they lay eggs.”

See the exchange:

The movie covers the gender-dysphoria confusion that activists use to encourage sex-change operations on children who are not old enough to vote or drink. It looks at biologically male athletes destroying records in women’s sports, the “pronoun police,” the left’s use of character assassination and censorship to advance its agenda as well as the language of “birthing persons” and the claim that “having a penis doesn’t make one male.”

It examines cases such as the male-registered sex offender Darren Merager who, while claiming to be female, terrorized under-aged girls in a women’s locker room in a Los Angeles spa.

And the movie spotlights “three great casualties” of the radical movement: women, whose identities are being appropriated;  children, who are being indoctrinated and guided into irreversible medical “transition” procedures; and, ultimately, the truth.

See the trailer for “What is a Woman?”

The film includes an interview with a scholar who became increasingly impatient as Walsh explained he was asking what is a woman simply because he wanted to get at the truth.

“You keep invoking the word truth, which is condescending and rude,” the academic said.

See the exchange:

And in his trip to Africa, Walsh tested with members of a tribe the left’s claim that traditional cultures have fluid notions of gender.

See the discussion:

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