MTG's right! We need a 'national divorce' between red & blue states

I was troubled when Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene first mentioned the idea of split between red and blue states – a “national divorce,” she called it.

I didn’t like it at first blush. Maybe it was because I am so opposed to “divorce.” Yes, marriage is a sacred institution to God, but though only on the human level. He said nothing about nations – other than Israel. And though He punished His people greatly for rejecting Him, He will forgive them and make Israel whole again soon enough.

But the idea of “divorce” is still despicable to me.

The more I thought about her idea, however, the more it had appeal.

A recent poll by Ipsos has opened my eyes to how much vindication, mercy and aid it would offer us.

The shocking new poll shows that one-fifth of Americans agree with splitting – already.

Twenty percent of U.S. adults – which amounts to some 66 million people – want to call it quits on the 247-year-old union. I didn’t think that many would be inclined. I thought it was an outlier for sure.

Here are the results: Republicans are more favorable to it than Democrats – with a quarter of GOP voters wanting to break away and form a right-leaning nation, compared to only 16% of Democrats, the poll of some 1,018 U.S. adults found. The fifth of Americans who want to split is far less than is needed to make it politically viable, but nonetheless shows how much conservatives and liberals – some would call them radicals – are fed up with sharing a country with each other.

I guess if you put this in divorce language, you would have to conclude Americans are pretty much to the point of irreconcilable differences – in other words, a lack of commitment, we argue too much, maybe even infidelity.

“We need a national divorce,” Greene, the Georgia Republican posted on social media a few weeks ago. “We need to separate by red states and blue states and shrink the federal government. Everyone I talk to says this. From the sick and disgusting woke culture issues shoved down our throats to the Democrats’ traitorous America Last policies, we are done.”

Infidelity is what Greene is thinking. She’s just saying that Democrats are not capable or willing to be committed to things like the Constitution, simple ideas like “life” instead of “death,” and the growing theory that we don’t need police anymore.

It’s won’t happen overnight, for sure. There are no serious proposals in Washington to carve up the country, but secessionist moves in some states have gathered momentum in recent years. A campaign to have rural eastern Oregon effectively secede from the blue state and join more conservative Idaho has gained traction, with politicians in both states expressing support for moving the border.

As the Daily Mail reports, a Texas state lawmaker this month filed a bill to set a referendum for voters to decide whether the state should explore the possibility of seceding from the U.S. – a move known as Texit.

Americans increasingly flaunt their differences of opinion over everything from gun rights to trans surgery (that is, permanent mutiliation) for kids. But think about it. Never before in this country has there been such disagreement. There hasn’t been as much talk about getting a “divorce” since the Civil War.

“Currently, 29 of the 50 states are led by Republican governors, and 24 states have voted for Republicans in at least three or four of the last four presidential elections,” notes the Daily Mail. “When just taking into account the 2022 Senate elections, 27 states voted red.”

Maybe we should have done this after President Ronald Reagan took 49 states.

But what would it mean as far as the nation defending itself from long-term foreign threats – like China?

Red and blue states don’t seem to have much in common – we can’t even agree on how to conduct elections. We can’t decide whether we should lock up Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden – or Donald Trump.

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