My 2022 health advice for Biden and all Americans

A lot has been written and opined about the health and mental condition of the present occupant in the White House. Joe Biden is the oldest president in American history. He’ll be 82 years old when he finishes his term in office.

The New York Post recently reported that 50% of all voters do not believe Biden is in good health. Compared to the same question a year ago, there has been a 29-point jump against Biden.

Business Insider explained, “That 29 percentage point shift within a year is more drastic than the overall downward trend in his approval ratings, which have reached historic lows for a president at this point in his first term.”

Pollster Neil Newhouse said, “When you watch Biden, you get a sense that he’s just missing a beat, that he’s not what he once was. Voters are picking up on it.”

Biden himself seemed to question and doubt his own physical and mental condition when asked last last week by the host of “ABC World News Tonight,” David Muir, if he’d run for another term of office. His reply was simply: “If I’m in good health.”

To be perfectly honest, anyone can tell that Biden is definitely not running for America’s next health guru. Yet, I would remind him (especially as the oldest president) that his physical fitness, health disciplines and even government decisions (including with China) affect young and old alike in our country, especially in our increasingly processed fast-food nation.

In my opinion, we have a far greater health crisis in America than COVID-19 in the issues of food contamination, obesity and stagnant lifestyles.

As you are fully aware, food has more unhealthy additives now than grains of sand at the beach, and too many Americans are still unaware of their dangers. Under the Obama-Biden presidency, the Los Angeles Times reported that, “China has become the world’s leading supplier of many food flavorings, vitamins and preservatives,” many of which are dangerous and illegal. Americans need to think about that danger, especially when Biden is in bed with China on many issues, and we are already in a two-year war with a virus that originated in Wuhan. (If you haven’t seen the Epoch Times’ shocking interview with whistleblowing defector and virologist Dr. Yan Limeng, who pulls back the curtain on the Chinese military’s biological warfare plans with the coronavirus and other viruses, please watch it asap here.)

In his great book, “The Power of Self-Healing,” Dr Fabrizio Mancini writes, “The average American takes in about five pounds of additives a year through processed foods. Additives and artificial ingredients add little or no nutritional value to foods and can pose a threat to your health. Try to eat additive-, preservative-, and chemical-free foods whenever possible. [Click here in the Ecologist to see Mancini’s ‘Additive Hit List’ – the most harmful additives known today.] You’ll see that a majority are linked to cancer in animals.”

Is it a coincidence that food additives have increased over the years at the same time obesity rates have? Common food additives have been scientifically linked to increased levels of hormones associated with an increased risk of both obesity and diabetes.

Up from 31% in 2008, today more than half of America’s youngest adults – 56% of those ages 18 to 25 – are overweight or obese, according to Johns Hopkins research, as published in the Journal of American Medical Association. And over 73% of U.S. adults are overweight or obese, up from 25% in 2008. And COVID-19 lockdowns only made matters far worse, including a huge spike in obesity rates for those under 5 years of age.

This science is also clear: We know for a fact that the obese are at higher risk of acute respiratory distress syndrome if they contract COVID-19, as just reported again in an international study published in the medical journal JAMA Network Open.

The travesty is, rather than tell those who are overweight or obese to eat better, lose weight and get in shape, and confront China on its export of viruses and poisonous additives, the White House simply repeats their one-size-fits-all mantra to mask up, get jabbed with the COVID vaccine and keep getting boosters. But it’s high time, especially with the new year upon us, that the Oval Office told Americans to get up off their blessed assurance and start a new health narrative and regimen.

But don’t hold your breath. It might be a cold day in you-know-where before the White House empowers Americans to get in shape. And it’s just as well. I truly believe that the remedy to our health care crisis begins with Americans, not governmental intervention and more bureaucracy that mandates medicine or even enters the fray of practicing it.

Our founders agreed. They never could have imagined a government micromanaging what people inject in their bodies or overseeing civilian diets by creating a Food and Drug Administration or a United States Department of Agriculture.

Thomas Jefferson once quipped, “Was the government to prescribe to us our medicine and diet, our bodies would be in such keeping as our souls are now.”

Our Founders’ health care system was a very simple one: Take care of your health. You alone have jurisdiction over your mind, body and spirit.

We don’t even need to pay hundreds of billions of dollars through new taxes to provide universal medical coverage. If anything, I believe the federal government needs to discover more ways to motivate personal responsibility and disease prevention, encourage the states’ role as stages for new market-based ideas, support county and community health collaborations, and challenge private sectors to seek creative ways to bring down medical costs.

Here’s something I firmly believe too: that we should be fixated as much on our own health as we are on Biden’s. We should be more self-reflective and examine our own eating and exercise habits as well as stress levels and mental health. We all need to fight to be fit and provide better models of well-being for our posterity, instead of waiting for another “government handout” to rescue us from our declining health. Most of all, if we took better care of ourselves, we could reduce our personal and national health risks and medical costs, and live longer and happier at the same time.

Helping people get healthier is exactly why I have also endorsed the Total Gym for over 40 years, and why we built the C-Force Water Bottling plant. It is also why I write and encourage others’ reading of my weekly C-Force health & fitness column. I also devoted an entire chapter in my New York Times bestselling book, “Black Belt Patriotism,” to “Be fit for the fight,” which contains for the first time my personal diet and workout plan as well as 50 years of fitness knowledge that can help you overcome the obstacles to being a better you in ’22.

A short time back, a friend sent me one of those “Chuck Norris Facts” that circulate the internet. It read, “Chuck Norris can eat just one Lay’s potato chip.” Whoever wrote that fact has not seen me when I am watching a football game at home. I can tear the bag open during the first quarter, and ask myself by half time, “What’s this empty bag doing in my hand (while licking the salt from my finger tips)?” I won’t even tell you how quick a bowl of ice cream can disappear in the second half!

I’m as human as anybody, and I have to fight to keep fit, too. That’s why I’m a believer in new beginnings. I’m also an advocate of New Year’s resolutions. Now, before you tune me off about fresh starts, hear me out. The potential to fail is always present. But so is the potential to succeed and soar to the next level. And studies show that our successes actually happen more often than we think.

Years ago, an encouraging column and survey was published by the University of Washington, titled, “How to keep up with those New Year’s resolutions, researchers find commitment is the secret of success.” It revealed that 63% of the people still keep their No. 1 resolution after two months into a new year. That’s great and hope-filled news. Remember it!

Whether you want to exercise more, lose weight, stop smoking, cut down on alcohol, make a new spiritual commitment, or make new friends, don’t ever quit striving to better you each and every year. Or as Benjamin Franklin put it, “Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors, and let each new year find you a better man.” And I would say, woman, too!

My wife, Gena, and I wish you and yours the happiest and most healthy 2022!

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