My bold prediction for 2023

A frequent question asks: “If we are ultimately deprived of our Second Amendment rights, how long will be before we are deprived of our First Amendment rights?” The answer to the question is: We have been deprived of our First Amendment rights with our Second Amendment rights hanging on by a thread.

This is a fact I addressed in my weekly blog feature, “The Video Rant,” the referenced video being titled “Amerika’s Rogue Government.” But, I am getting ahead of myself.

The following is excerpted from my 2013 column “Eviscerating the Second Amendment”:

In 2001, I in which I warned that if we Christians and freedom loving peoples did not take action, the church was going to come under attack by the federal government and that pastors would risk legal repercussions for preaching what the Bible says.

Several of my friends and acquaintances disagreed with me, as did no few readers. A lawyer friend was emphatic in telling me there was no way the Constitution would allow that to happen. The same lawyer emailed me a year later telling me that he would never have imagined it possible but, alas, I had been correct in my prediction.

It’s not prescience – it’s not my belief in the inerrant word of scripture pursuant to eschatology. For me, it’s common sense – as government moves further away from the constraints of the Constitution, the greater the urgency for that government to control the people.

Which brings me to my point today. If Obama and the federal government are successful in depriving us of our Second Amendment rights, what will they deprive us of next? And let there be no doubt: even restrictions placed on our right to own and bear arms are the deprivation of our constitutional rights under said Amendment. And the federal government has shown itself to be committed to controlling We the People and dictating what they define as best for us.

If fallacious arguments such as: Giltlow v. New York, Abington School District v. Daniel Schempp, and Murray v. Curlett led to the Supreme Court reading into law that which Jefferson never meant and the Founding Fathers never envisioned – what will a president and Congress who openly set themselves above the will of the people deprive us of next if they are successful in depriving us of our Second Amendment rights?

If the much disputed and often misunderstood H.R. 347, “Federal Restricted Buildings and Grounds Improvement Act of 2011,” is viewed by many in the legal and government realm as needful and good what will these same people stand at the ready to defend moving forward?

Most Americans are completely unaware of the evil machinations of H.R. 347. However, I can assure you that the American citizens, who have been and are being persecuted under for the pernicious myth called January 6 are very much aware of it, as their public persecutions wrongly called prosecutions take place.

This year, regardless of whether the Lord tarries, people in America are going to experience an onslaught of persecution and oppression as the federal government undertakes to deny We the People our right to worship and obey our God and Savior.

I argue that our right to worship our God should not have been recognized as a constitutional right, because my right to worship and serve my God is not given to me by man. It’s a Natural Right given to me by the God I serve. But, I digress; that’s a discussion for another day.

The persecution we’re going to face will be directed at Christendom and any church that refuses to recognize homosexuality and all of the assorted debaucherous behaviors associated with same. That specifically includes the mental disorder of transgenderism.

If individuals and churches are persecuted now for refusing to subscribe to the mental illness required to believe a man is a woman and vice versa, with or without the surgical butchering of one’s body, what can be expected going forward as states elect more politicians who are openly hostile to our right to follow biblical foundations?

The Second Amendment is being nullified by “wokeness,” at the hands of banks and lenders refusing to do business with those who make their living in related industries.

The pressure from behavioral blackmail to comply with deviant behavior that nearly 90 percent of the public disagrees with is real. Otherwise well-intentioned church leaders use the lexiconical assignations used to identify participants in the aberrant lifestyle(s) juxtaposed to identifying them according to their behavior. Homosexuality is not gay in my lexicon, and a person is the gender he or she was born.

The Biden administration plans to withdraw President Trump’s conscience rule that allowed any health care worker to refuse participation in sterilization, abortion, so-called sex-change operations, etc.

Churches with tax-exempt status, private Christian schools, etc. are going to come under the crushing hand of mandated government compliance.

This administration is committed to deconstructing the family and eliminating biblically based Christian worship. You may not agree with me, but as I noted in the beginning, people disagreed with me in 2001 as well. And, the homosexual cabal condemned me and said it wasn’t true when I reported on the homosexual agenda, which has been proven true many times over since my first writing about it.

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