My 'super stand-up senator,' Josh Hawley

A week ago, I received a text from a reporter at the Kansas City Star. It read, “Mr. Cashill. Michael Ryan from the Star here. Do you have a moment to get acquainted and for me to ask your opinion on Josh Hawley.”

I do not know Hawley personally. I do know his 2018 primary opponent, retired B-2 pilot and patriot Tony Monetti, whom I supported.

What made me a little wary of Hawley was his endorsement by former U.S. Sen. John Danforth, a Vichy Republican who has been proudly collaborating with the opposition for the last few decades, likely to atone for having secured Clarence Thomas’ nomination to the Supreme Court.

That said, I have been impressed with Hawley from day one, never more so than when he became the first senator to say he would object to the Electoral College’s certification of the election results.

Nor did Hawley back down after 15 or so “scumbags” harassed his wife and newborn at their Virginia home. The Star supported the activists, saying, “They mostly stayed on the public street and sidewalk.” (Emphasis added.)

Hawley’s support of President Donald Trump appalled the Star given that Trump “claimed, without evidence or merit, that the election was rigged and stolen from him.”

You read that right: “without evidence or merit.” This isn’t the Babylon Bee. It just seems like it.

I should add that the Star has evolved from respectable to ridiculous in less than a generation. This very week the Star proudly “stripped from its pages and website the name, words and image that recognized its first publisher and founder, William Rockhill Nelson.”

The move came “after The Star’s Dec. 20 series investigating its own history of how it covered – and failed to cover – Black Kansas Citians.”

This kind of critical self-examination would make Mao proud. When, I wonder, does the Star’s Red Guard start handing out the dunce caps?

Wary of phone calls with reporters, especially from the Star, I texted back. “Here is a quote. ‘Josh is a super stand-up guy, a presidential contender. Rockhurst should be proud.'”

Rockhurst is the Jesuit High School that Hawley attended in Kansas City where I live. I added the “Rockhurst” line to offset the guff coming Hawley’s way from his alma mater.

I attended a Jesuit high school myself, in New York City. I had just received my alumni magazine with a glowing article about our most celebrated alum and current cover boy, Anthony Fauci.

Which reminds me of an old Catholic joke: What is the difference between a Baptist and a Jesuit? Answer: the Baptist knows he’s not Catholic.

Living up to the punch line, Rockhurst school president David J. Laughlin offered up the following bromide: “A growing society which shows contempt and intolerance for our treasured heritage of plurality, process and dignified disagreement cannot continue.”

Laughlin wasn’t through. “I call upon all of our elected officials, including our graduate Senator Josh Hawley, to conduct their own examination of conscience on this matter. If wrong occurs, one ought to seek atonement and reconciliation. These are the Christian principles Rockhurst teaches when wrong has occurred.”

I wish Laughlin had served up this pearl last summer. Back then elected officials were praising the “social justice” warriors rampaging though our cities seeking revenge on some hapless cops unable to prevent the death of a career felon by Fentanyl-induced excited delirium.

Among those inciting violence was still another Rockhurst grad sitting in the U. S. Senate, Tim Kaine. Here is what Kaine tweeted about the death of the late George Floyd:

“African Americans have heard equality preached as our national virtue while living under 400 years of slavery, discrimination and injustice. The murder of George Floyd and the disproportionate deaths to COVID are just the latest evidence.

“Murder,” Tim? I would strongly recommend Kaine take a hard look at the reason the four Minneapolis cops will be acquitted.

Speaking of murder, I would recommend too that President Laughlin take a look at what Vox encouragingly called “Tim Kaine’s evolving views on abortion.” Nothing quite says “hypocrisy” like “evolving.”

As Hillary Clinton’s running mate in 2016, Kaine had a lot of quick evolving to do. Although he was still claiming he “personally opposes abortion as a Catholic,” he somehow managed “a perfect pro-choice voting record, according to NARAL Pro-Choice America and Planned Parenthood.”

The Catholic Church considers abortion murder. So firmly held is this belief that even Jesuit Pope Francis upholds it.

If Hawley expressed deep regret over the cop who was killed in the Capitol melee, I have not heard a word from Kaine about the murder of some 6 million American babies – a “disproportionate” percentage of them black – during his tenure in the Senate.

“Thank you,” the reporter from the Star texted me back, “and I look forward to getting to know you, sir. Also, do you think he hurt his presidential hopes this week?”

I have no idea whether Hawley has ever thought of running for president, but I responded, “I think he improved his chances. Faulting an elected official for contesting election fraud is Orwellian.” As far as I can tell, my quotes never made the paper.

If anything, Hawley’s chances improved this week. Albatross Danforth predictably severed himself from Hawley’s neck.

“I thought he was special. And I did my best to encourage people to support him both for attorney general and later the U.S. Senate, and it was the biggest mistake I’ve ever made in my life,” said Danforth.

Au revoir, Marechal Danforth. May you live long enough to see the inauguration!

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