My vote, your vote, our vote was stolen!

My wife, Elizabeth, and I traveled to Washington Wednesday for President Trump’s “Save America Rally” – because we sincerely believed we needed to show our support for the president, since the will of the majority of the electorate had been overthrown.

There were, by my estimates, at least half a million gathered at the mall – dressing in red, white and blue and many sporting American flags. It was a sight to behold. At daybreak, they began showing up from every nook and cranny in the city.

We were proud to be there. There was no place we’d rather have been than showing our support for the greatest president of our lifetimes – perhaps the greatest ever!

You know I have not been entirely myself for the past couple of years. This was only the second time I had made such a trip to Washington since suffering a series of catastrophic strokes. I’ve been recuperating for many months now. I’m still not well, but I am making progress. Thank the Lord!

Though we did not include the side trip the Capitol building, we watched the sad proceedings on television at the nearby haven of the Willard Hotel. We saw many people returning from the Capitol – women with children, elderly men and women so frail, but determined to make their voices heard.

I guess it’s no surprise that we did not attend with my 31-year-old daughter, Alyssa, who resigned as director of communications for the White House in November, because she strongly disagreed with our president and with us. Alyssa is a grown adult, and despite the disappointment of the disagreement, we are not here to pick a public fight with her. We love ALL our kids – all five of our daughters!

But we want to go on the record as to why we agree with Trump that our nation has been the victim of a fraud of epic proportions and that Joe Biden is the first American pretender about to be elevated to the “throne” in 240 years!

Why do I say this?

The evidence is so overwhelming as to make me wonder where to begin. The particulars vary depending on the state. Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada certified election results despite the illegal, unconstitutional or fraudulent actions taken to produce the results we were given.

Some of these states overturned the election laws as passed by their legislatures, the only body legally empowered to make such law – that is, the only body charged with the plenary authority and power to determine the manner in which electors are chosen. Repeat: The state legislatures are the one-and-only body that can make election law as regards the election of the POTUS.

To violate these laws and to make up new “laws” is to shred state statutes, state constitutions and the Electors Clause of the United State Constitution. This lawlessness was what overturned the legality of the election BEFORE Nov. 3!

The vote in those states or parts of the states was VOID before a vote was ever counted.

No governor, no court, no secretary of state or election board can legally overturn election laws. Yet, this is what was done.

What specifically were the consequences of this orgy of lawbreaking? A few examples: Mark Zuckerberg gave $500 million to manipulate the vote in select counties in swing states. These cities and counties were Democratic strongholds. Republican counties received little to no money. This was a violation of the equal protection clause as well as a violation of the formal plan for the election submitted by the states to the federal government to receive federal funds. The demands made by Zuckerberg and accepted by local officials were staggering in their hubris and intent. They not only increased the vote in Democratic areas over Republican, but they opened up the floodgates to illegal voting.

What else? The elimination or ignoring of voter ID laws, witness verification, signature verification, ballot curing requirements, unobserved ballot verification and tabulation – all illegal by state or federal law.

Additionally, election officials have routinely barred examination of voting machines. Some officials have had computer logs wiped clean (no one knows how widespread this is); others have refused inspection of paper ballots. Election officials have done everything possible to obstruct a forensic investigation of the data and the software systems – going so far as to resist a subpoena. Judges have refused to hear evidence. One judge in Georgia agreed to an investigation, then an hour later mysteriously rescinded his order.

We all know the counting was stopped in the battleground states when Trump commanded a huge margin of victory and, upon resumption, massive spikes in Biden votes were counted despite the impossibility of the machines being able to produce these spikes. These spikes suddenly produced a narrow Biden victory – just like the narrow “victories” by the two Georgia Senate contenders more recently. We know that Georgia “adjudicated” an astounding 97% of the ballots in Fulton County. That means an unknown person recorded the intent of the voter without witnesses or record of the decision made.

We also know that Pennsylvania has an overvote of 200,000.

We know that Georgia election workers spent two hours secretly and unobserved (except on CCTV) feeding tabulation machines with ballots.

The scale of the fraud was so overwhelming that the work done by computer analysts, statisticians and lawyers as well as the witness testimony of regular Americans proved to the American people as a whole that this election was rigged.

The items I have listed above are only a taste, but will suffice to make the point: Any election exhibiting half these characteristics would have received a thorough investigation in the weeks between Nov. 3 and Dec. 16 – that is, any election that did not have Donald J. Trump as the aggrieved candidate.

But, back to the point of this story.

It’s very sad that a woman was killed by police fire in the Capitol Wednesday, that a policeman died of his injuries and that three others died during the event. It’s a tragedy. But it lasted one day. It was not the kind of tragedy we witnessed as a country when our urban streets were set ablaze, $2 billion in damage done and 30 people killed over months of riots while Biden remained silent, Harris and other Democrats egged the rioters on and even went to the outrageous length of bailing out the violent perpetrators. The hypocrisy is almost too much to bear.

While the Washington establishment may be very eager to be rid of Donald J. Trump, tens of millions of Americans are not eager at all for his departure. They are fearful about the change that has taken place inside America. They see right being called wrong, winners being declared losers and tyranny being called freedom.

Where do we go from here? We continue the fight for truth, liberty and the restoration of our republic. What else can we do? We’re Americans, after all.

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