My year of living skeptically

My Facebook postings provide something of a diary of my own response to the stupidest year in American history. From the beginning, I was determined to live my life as if I were a free citizen of the United States, and I largely managed to do just that.


March 15: “Mass this morning. Average crowd. Stop the silliness.”

March 16: “As of yesterday, Missouri had 4 confirmed cases of COVID-19, aka the coronavirus, and ZERO fatalities. And we’re shutting down the economy? Event planners, hold your ground.” Spoiler alert: They didn’t.

March 21: “This is f***ing madness. There have been a total of four deaths in all of Kansas and Missouri.” (asterisks in the original) I posted this in response to a metro-wide stay-at-home order. I tried to organize a public protest but got nowhere near the response I needed to make it happen. One “friend” responded, “I hope you’re number 5.”

March 26: I wrote an article for WND: “So when did we all become such pansies?”

March 31: “For a little perspective, if March were an average month 4,300 Missourians would have died from all causes, not including abortion. 13 have died from Covid-19.”

April 23: “In the many urban planning sessions I’ve attended, no one pushing for public transportation once mentioned the possibility that a pandemic could render it unusable. The good Dr. Fauci should have seen this coming. He attended my high school. He rode the same subway.”

April 30: I wrote an article for WND: “How the ‘pro-science’ party has destroyed science.”

May 12: “TIME TO OPEN UP KC. In last two weeks: NO ONE in KC has died of Covid. Total 16 since the onset.”

May 17: “The two finalists in the ‘Miss Health Director’ contest, PA vs LA. Whose advice would you be most inclined to take? Sorry, no swimsuit competition due to lockdown.” I posted photos of PA’s trans person and LA’s sepulchral one. Facebook put a “false information” sticker on the post.

May 26: “To put this now famous [Ozark pool party] photo in perspective, only one person under 30 has died of Covid-19 in Missouri. Only 2 people of any age have died in the 10-county Lake of the Ozark area. More will die before the summer’s through in drunken boating accidents. OK, Karens, your turn.”

June 1: My church reopens. SRO crowds. Only one family wears masks. Coffee and donuts resume soon afterwards. I choose not to post photo lest authorities bust us. To date, no outbreaks, hospitalizations, or deaths. Miracle?

June 4: “Mayor Lucas, if the [BLM protesters] could ignore all Covid mandates in May with impunity, why are the rest of us laboring under the threat of punitive action for violating ‘social distancing’ mandates until July 5?”

July 27: “If there is a method to the left’s madness, the average voter doesn’t know what it is. Some people who voted for Trump in 2016 only because he wasn’t Hillary now have come to see him as our Charles Martel, the unlikely last defender of Western civilization.” Posted an article, “Hanging with the Silenced Majority in Covid Country.”

Aug. 25: “Missouri COVID update: Zero deaths statewide last 24 hours –Less than one death per day average among nearly a million people in KC metro – ZERO deaths of anyone under 20 statewide ever. Lake of the Ozarks doing twice its average business. Open up, KC. Let the madness end.”

Aug. 28: Arriving at Buffalo airport, I was greeted by National Guardsmen checking our Covid status. Rather than lie, I just chose to ignore them and got away with it. Responded with an article, “New York’s Big Brother Has Gone Bananas.”

Oct. 9: Having lost the beach on my Lake Erie abode due to high lake levels (I know, First World problem), I posted, “In 2013, due to climate change, the ‘new normal’ was a shrinking lake. By 2019, the ‘new normal’ was a rising lake. Now the ‘new normal’ is a ‘seesawing lake.’ Are we really supposed to take these people seriously?” Article at Frontpage.

Oct. 26: More climate change denial. I post photo of snow-covered house in KC. “This is why they switched terminology from ‘global warming’ to ‘climate change.'”


March 12: “‘Even though your instinct is to say, wait a minute, this is the new Ice Age,’ said John Kerry of February’s record cold, ‘but it’s not. It is coming from the global warming, and it threatens all the normal weather patterns.'” I post WND article: “War is peace, freedom is slavery, cold is hot.”

March 13. I quote Biden’s fiat that if we behave ourselves we might be able to have a small Fourth of July backyard cookout. I post my photo of a backyard shindig I hosted in August 2020 with 30 unmasked adults standing together amidst a sea of ice chests.

In sum

What surprised me most about the past year was the spontaneous response to Covid mania along political lines. For the most part, my friends on the right resisted the tyranny, and my friends on the left embraced it. The young, especially the young left, proved most ovine of all.

Conditioned to believe in the dubious science of climate change, the left fell hard for the equally dubious but more demanding science of COVID.

A year of lived evidence proved us right, them wrong. While we partied, they sulked in solitude. Sorry, guys, but the good Dr. Fauci can’t give you that year back.

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