Mystery of Jesus writing in the dust: Hundreds of prophecies 'unsealed'

Have hundreds of hidden biblical prophecies just been unsealed?

An explosive new book being released Tuesday says the answer is yes, as it analyzes countless Scriptures in a fresh light to unlock “the mystery of everything.”

In “Reaching God Speed,” best-selling author Joe Kovacs goes on a breakthrough mission, cracking the divine code on hundreds of Bible passages – both well-known and obscure – to reveal the higher meaning of the verses, going beyond the obvious physical meaning to shine light on what God is broadcasting on the Spirit level, what he calls the incredibly quick and alive “God speed.”

“The reason we’re so oblivious is because we’ve all been operating at human speed, relying on our own physical power and our five senses. But there is something extremely important we’ve all been missing. It holds the key to everything good – the key to life, success, happiness, peace of mind and understanding beyond our wildest imagination. It’s perhaps the best-kept secret in the history of mankind and it packs a staggering, invigorating message about our own personal lives and futures being broadcast on all frequencies. All we have to do is open our eyes and ears.”

What is God speed?

Kovacs explains, “It’s the template revealing the way the Creator of the universe thinks, operates and teaches, having a mind that runs above and beyond the human speed at which all of us regular folk in the flesh naturally think. It is the higher speed or spirit level at which God broadcasts to us, embedding His message in everything.”

He says millions of people already understand God speed to some degree, pointing to a simple example.

“Most everyone already knows that when Jesus tells His apostle Peter to feed His sheep, He is NOT talking about a group of physical animals penned up behind His house that need to be fed.

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“He’s talking about providing His followers the spiritual food they need to grow toward eternal life, because the sheep actually represent PEOPLE. This same approach of listening beyond the physical and hearing things on another level, the spirit level, can be applied to the entire Bible, opening up countless Scriptures to amazing, new understanding.”

One famous Bible story to help illustrate the higher level of God speed involves a woman about to be stoned after being caught in adultery, and Jesus writing something mysterious in the dust as He forgives her. It’s found in the eighth chapter of the Gospel of John.

“This single event features a real-life woman some 2,000 years ago being forgiven of her sin,” Kovacs explains. “And when we listen at God speed, there’s so much more being broadcast on the spirit level. The adulterous woman represents all of humanity, as she embodies all of us who have sinned against our true spouse, who is God Himself.”

But why was Jesus writing with His finger in the dust? And what might He have been writing?

“We need to use the tools the Bible itself gives us to help us understand the spirit message being broadcast at God speed,” explains Kovacs. “First of all, ‘dust’ is not something insignificant. In fact, it’s one of the most important words in all of Scripture, because it’s what we’re all made of, ‘the dust of the ground,’ as it says in Genesis 2:7. So at God speed, dust refers to human people in the flesh.”

“Then we need to ask ourselves, ‘Where else in the Bible does God write something very famous with His own finger?’ Here are a couple of hints. There are ten of them and they were given to Moses. Yes, the Ten Commandments, as is mentioned in Deuteronomy 9:10.

The Ten Commandments stand at the 21st annual Bible Reading Marathon in Stuart, Florida, on Friday, Nov. 12, 2021. (Photo by Joe Kovacs)

“Then connect the Creator’s written law to other promises where God says He’s writing something, including:

I will put my law in their inward parts, and write it in their hearts. (Jeremiah 31:33)

I will write on them the name of my God … . And I will also write on them my new name. (Revelation 3:12 NLT)

“So it’s possible or even likely that Jesus is using this spectacular teaching moment of the forgiven adulterous woman to let us all know He’s going to be writing His laws and instructions on people (the dust of the ground), etching them inside minds and hearts, with the end result of people receiving the name of God written on them. In other words, Jesus is telegraphing the future, providing us a visual preview of awesome things to come by writing on the dust with His finger.”

“The Bible also says when the accusers of the adulterous woman HEARD, as in finally hearing the message of God, being convicted and corrected in their hearts, they’re no longer accusing anyone. It’s not only describing the physical event from 2,000 years ago, it’s a prophecy for the future. Because once God writes His instructions on everyone’s heart, there won’t be anyone left to accuse others of wrongdoing. People will finally get with the divine program.”

“God actually promises this elsewhere in Scripture, including in the Book of Ezekiel: ‘And I will give you a new heart, and I will put a new spirit in you. I will take out your stony, stubborn heart and give you a tender, responsive heart.'” (Ezekiel 36:26 NLT)

“It’s simply mind-blowing when we realize that God is always ‘declaring the end from the beginning’ as He said about Himself in Isaiah 46:10. He tells everyone the end result of events right from the start, so we know exactly what to expect, realizing He’s the Teacher in charge of this class and the One controlling everything.”

Kovacs is confident even readers with little previous knowledge of Scripture will finally know the secrets of famous Bible events, including mysteries the so-called “experts” have little clue about.


“Reaching God Speed” features a myriad of stunning biblical revelations, as the book:

  • Illuminates the reason the darkness of night will ultimately be eliminated, and only never-ending light will exist
  • Discloses the amazing reason Revelation says Jesus was crucified in Sodom and Egypt, while the gospels indicate he was executed at Jerusalem
  • Broadcasts the never-before-trumpeted meaning of the Exodus out of Egypt. The ancient event in the days of Moses is actually a picture of something tremendous and glorious that’s still to come in your future
  • Explains the incredible meaning behind serpents crawling on their bellies
  • Dishes the astounding secret behind the Second Passover, and the fantastic future it holds for billions of people
  • Solves with clarity three of the greatest mysteries in Scripture, unveiling the surprisingly simple meaning of “the beast,” “the number of the beast” and “the mark of the beast”
  • Investigates the double meaning concerning “Doubting Thomas,” and the stunning good news it contains for everyone who’s ever doubted God or any Bible story
  • Announces the unheard, spirit meaning regarding raising children
  • Shines the light on why ancient Egyptians were paralyzed with three straight days of darkness, while God’s people in Goshen had light in their dwellings
  • Illuminates the surprising and inspiring meaning of a “darkness that can be felt” (Hint: it’s something you can do right this second)
  • Explains what Jesus specifically meant by “outer darkness”
  • Clearly reveals why the Bible repeatedly mentions pagan peoples such as Canaanites, Amorites, Hittites, Girgashites, Jebusites and Hivites. It goes far beyond these ancient tribes with tough-to-pronounce names, as it actually refers to certain people alive today with whom you deal every day
  • Tells why Scripture so often talks about thorns and thistles. They’re far more than just sharp prickers growing in your garden
  • Explores the untold meaning of the conflict between David and Goliath: it has gigantic significance that Sunday-school teachers seem to have missed
  • Fishes out astonishing secret messages God has embedded in the famous story of Jonah being swallowed by a great fish. The scales will finally fall off your eyes when you finally see what you’ve been missing
  • Easily explains how God embeds hidden messages forecasting the future in the physical, historical events recorded in Scripture
  • Examines the miracle of turning water into wine at a wedding, revealing why this famous event took place “on the third day,” why water was poured into six large containers, and why its instant transformation into the most perfect wine has a sublime meaning that goes far beyond what anyone has ever discussed
  • Unwraps the secret messages concerning the human birth of God, including the spirit significance of Jesus in a manger, the real reason the shepherds “returned,” and the never-trumpeted, majestic picture the entire story depicts for your own glorious future
  • Unmasks the miracle of the blind man healed by washing mud off his eyes. Clue: There’s something intriguing about the mud that becomes obvious when we connect the dots in Scripture
  • Reveals the incredible reason the Bible constantly mentions “three days” in both the Old and New Testaments. It goes far beyond the time Jesus spent in the heart of the earth.
  • Unveils the sublime, additional meanings emanating from “Let there be light” and “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” There’s much more to the beginning than you’ve ever imagined. Plus hundreds more …

Besides Scripture itself, the book also probes God’s hidden messages embedded in popular movies, hit songs (from Adele and the Beatles to Frank Sinatra and Led Zeppelin), the stories we tell our children, everyday phrases we all say, famous commercial campaigns, historic news events, nature itself, and typical life activities such as inhaling every breath you take, sleeping, waking up and many more.

Scheduled for release Tuesday, “Reaching God Speed” already hit the top spot in Amazon categories such as “Musical Philosophy & Social Aspects” as well as #1 and #2 (Kindle edition) in Spiritual Self-Help, and #5 and #11 in Christian Personal Growth.

“Reaching God Speed” is being released this Tuesday, Jan. 25, and is available for pre-order now, with much more information available at

Those wishing to contact or interview Joe Kovacs can email him here.


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