Nancy Pelosi's belief system sucks

In the Marine Corps, life’s priorities were emphasized with the earliest training. They were succinctly set forth with just three words, “God, Country, Corps.” This belief system defined who we were, not only as Marines but also as Americans, listing what we valued above all else.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., obviously never served in uniform. However, one would have hoped her lengthy career in politics would have ingrained within her a belief system having similar priorities. Sadly, we see nothing reinforcing this based upon her actions to date. In fact, evidenced by her most recent actions, it is clear not a single of the three beliefs listed above would make her top three list. Frankly, she embraces a belief system that sucks.

While one can understand her list not including the Corps, it is troubling to acknowledge it would include neither God nor Country, as Pelosi seems to be driven by one belief only – the power of her political party.

There is no more obvious indicator concerning her rebuke of God in favor of political party power than her dismissing the sanctity of life, especially as a Catholic, to promote abortion for women. This, of course, assumes she can define who is a woman as some members of her party seem unable to do so.

Obviously holding a position that is contrary to her church, it was not until this year that Pelosi’s disregard for the life of the unborn caused her to be disciplined by her archbishop. While a socialist Pope Francis had been remiss in not punishing Pelosi’s unholy political stance on abortion, the Roman Catholic archbishop of San Francisco, Salvatore J. Cordileone, had seen enough of her favoring political party over the teachings of the church.

While the pope continued to turn a blind eye to Pelosi’s defiance, the archbishop decided, after her unsuccessful effort in the House to codify the doctrine of Roe v. Wade, to take action. Recognizing the grave evil Pelosi was perpetrating, the scandal within the church she was creating and his numerous failed efforts to explain to her the dangerous risks to her own soul she was ignoring, he took the step of declaring she was not to receive Holy Communion at any church within his jurisdiction.

Despite Pelosi’s support for abortion, she calls herself “very Catholic.” Such a claim is ludicrous as she dodges questions about whether she agrees with the position of Pope Francis and Pope Saint John Paul II that “abortion is murder.”

There is precedent for Cordileone’s action, so he fully believes his decision was “pastoral” rather than a “political” one. Additionally, since taking such action, Catholic leaders in Colorado sent a letter out to pro-abortion state legislators who are church members to voluntarily not participate in Holy Communion. A poll taken last year among Catholics who attended Mass revealed 74% believe public officials who defy the church’s teaching on abortion should not so participate.

Pelosi, being Pelosi, did take Holy Communion although not at a church in Cordileone’s jurisdiction. It will be interesting to see whether she eventually does try to do so.

In another action undertaken recently by Pelosi, she has now demonstrated, as if she has not in the past, a lack of belief in Country, again for purely political gain.

Pelosi is supporting a New Mexico Democratic congressional candidate by the name of Gabe Vasquez who is running for a seat now held by a Republican. Obviously, Pelosi would support her party’s candidate. However, Vasquez is not a candidate of whom any American should be proud.

Vasquez has denounced the U.S. as “AmeriKKKa” – an attempt to suggest the country is racist – although, ironically, he uses KKK (Ku Klux Klan) to do so, a racist group that evolved due to the late 19th/early 20th century anti-black policies of his own Democratic Party. (He fails to appreciate American history, which tells us the first 23 blacks elected to Congress were all Republicans.) Vasquez also favors defunding law enforcement, outrageously calling to replace them with psychologists. This political neophyte additionally claims there is a need to tear down and rebuild an economic system that has served us well for centuries.

Unsurprisingly, Vasquez is a supporter too of Black Lives Matter – an organization that has been used to make its founders and friends rich while doing little to promote much else. He claims, “Until we deconstruct and rebuild the systems of oppression that keep black people in perpetual harm, justice will not be served. That includes law enforcement, the economy, and the disgusting wealth inequality that keeps white, rich men in power.”

Vasquez demands a “fundamental power shift” in the government starting on racial lines, making the allegation that as “long as white folks (mostly men!) dominate this nation’s wealth [and] preside over our nation’s governing bodies [and] judicial systems, the racism, killing [and] injustice will continue.” Ironically, his attack against white folks seems to include the likes of Pelosi who, nonetheless, endorses him as part of her belief in political power above all else.

Pelosi, despite the Democratic Party affiliation, supports this openly un-American candidate who embraces our values no more than Vladimir Putin does, placing her priority on maintaining power rather than our country’s best interests. It is most disturbing.

In October 2020, a courageous priest by the name of Father Michael O’Connor gave a sermon criticizing another Democratic Party leader, President Joe Biden, for his pro-abortion position, declaring:

“Because Joe Biden masquerades as a Catholic, I am going to use his name. Joe Biden embraces teachings that are absolutely and fundamentally opposed to the priorities of our church – to protect life. … He is, in some respects, an embarrassment to politics. …”

Father O’Connor can now do something he should have done much earlier – add Pelosi to the list of America’s political embarrassments.

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