Needed: A 'more woke than you' awakening of patriots

The embittered left might as well just say it out loud: “OK, so you survived the womb and seek to help others ‘choose life’ despite our best efforts with Roe v. Wade. Congratulations. But that doesn’t mean we won’t work every day to make the life you’re living as miserable as possible.”

I’m no fan of Mitt Romney. His recent tweet, however, is worth repeating: “The American people, who are drowning in debt and inflation, need a life preserver, and Democrats just gave them a bag of hammers.”

Even before Schumer, Manchin and the Democrats tied this latest bag of hammers to our belts, too many Americans were barely keeping their noses above water. On Aug: 1, the New York Post reported, “The ‘misery index’ of inflation and unemployment reached 12.7% in June. … That reading would rival the level that followed the Great Recession of 2008.”

Right. So, after the misery index reached another all-time high (like golf a lower score is better), Democrats think what the American people need is more inflationary spending, 87,000 new border security agents – just kidding – IRS agents and soul crushing audits, and corporate tax increases passed directly to consumers drowning in debt.

That’s in addition to more onerous energy regulations, fewer pipelines and drilling leases to ease the intentional pain at the pumps, more unabated crime, less ability to defend ourselves and more illegal immigration to carry on taxpayers’ backs.

Maybe invading the Florida sanctuary of our embattled former president Gestapo-style will help calm our frayed nerves and unite the dispirited country. It’s certainly worth a try!

If none of those well thought through policies eases the misery index, perhaps more of our hard-earned, highly audited tax dollars sent abroad to another “moral imperative” foreign war will help … or more of our increasingly precious Strategic Petroleum Reserves steaming away to China … maybe more of our tallest and strongest sons in dresses competing against our daughters and roaming girls’ locker rooms will finally make us grateful for our wise and caring ruling class. And it you don’t like it, no more federally funded lunch programs.

“Work with us, comrades – we’re trying here! How many bags of hammers does it take to make you miserable ingrates happy and compliant?”

In the thickening socialist fog of the Potomac, I’m beginning to think Democratic legislators simply can no longer see life in America for what it really is. That, or they lack all compassion for their surviving fellow fetuses who must necessarily live in the world they’re creating for us, but not for them.

So long as they manage to pull off their next election by hook or by crook, the ruling class is remarkably insulated from the misery index they work so diligently to exacerbate – to say nothing of the nakedly two-tiered justice system that will shield them for life, regardless of even the most dubious behavior, in or out of office.

Unlike yours, life in 2022 inside the Beltway is mighty sweet for D.C. royalty and their privileged family members.

Ever since the “deadly insurrection” where the biggest threat to our democracy, Ashli Babbitt, was shot dead, our rulers’ armed security is the best in the world. And their retirement funds and stock portfolios are healthier than ever. Of course, it’s not just insider-trading information that’s the envy of Wall Street; the salary isn’t bad either. And thanks to you it comes with a generous travel budget, office budget and expense account – despite AOC complaining about it not being nearly enough.

Designer Met Gala dresses aren’t cheap, ingrate.

Granted, her pay bests what she was earning mixing drinks, although with a record misery index, that’s questionable – NYC bars are understandably doing a brisk business. Just don’t take the subway home with that tip money in your pocket now that George Soros has emptied out the jails.

Like in the Christmas classic “It’s a Wonderful Life,” we find ourselves suddenly living in a nightmarish Potter’s World, conjured up by the soul-sucking, mean old curmudgeon, Mr. Potter, who bears a creepy resemblance to Chuck Schumer.

I’m sorry to say George Bailey won’t be able to save us. What will save us is a mass awakening. Call it the “More Woke Than You Are” movement, where we thank our police officers, go to church, put up flags, plant flowers, clean up and beautify the streets of our towns – even if such threatening, patriotic behavior places us on a “domestic terrorist” list.

It has become abundantly clear by now that the great “uniter” and most popular president in U.S. history by vote count, Dark Brandon, comes with baggage from being a notorious drinker in Delaware – which pills can’t solve, even for the remainder of his term as president of Potter’s World.

Meanwhile, the third in line for president, similarly challenged Nancy Pelosi, flew halfway around the world to stomp on China’s red line like a petulant child while likely enabling a few lucrative chip deals for her nearly invisible yet privileged son. (I left out the second in line, since even her own party would never allow her to hold the nuclear football.)

Whoever is running the left’s utopian Potter’s World, it’s become a miserable and nasty place to live that can only get worse. But like George Bailey, we’ve graciously been given a second chance at life with an abundantly clear choice: Subject our suffering families and communities to more “reap the whirlwind” Chuck Schumer – sorry – I meant to say, evil old Mr. Potter; or stay out of the treacherous and icy river altogether and go back to our crashed car, determined with all our might to live and thrive again for the sake of our children.

The solution is up to us. Love our God, love our families, proudly fly our American flags, “shoot for the moon” in life, vote, and restore sanity via the ballot box so overwhelmingly that even the most vigorous election chicanery is not enough to overcome the landslide of decency in our “One Nation Under God.”

Did I say “VOTE”?!

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