Needed: A parallel society a la the Eastern Bloc under USSR

It used to be a certainty that the left-right pendulum would eventually swing so far left that it would have to snap back to the right. At least I thought so.

Now I’m not so sure. I fear that when the time comes for the great swing, there will not be enough citizens, certainly not enough constitutionalists, to usher in the swing or even welcome it.

So where does this leave us?

Does it leave us at the point that Thomas Jefferson described in the Declaration of Independence? Well, not exactly, but maybe closer than we think.

Our federal government, as were all state governments, was created to secure the rights “endowed by our creator” – unalienable rights – “that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness,” and affirmed by our Constitution.

However, one has to be either a fool or willfully ignorant to think that our current state is even remotely akin to the vision of our founders.

Despite it being our right, is it even possible at this juncture, “to alter or abolish it, and institute new Government?” Or, like the old Soviet Union, is our government so large and all encompassing that it can’t be abolished – not by force anyway.

As the government is constituted now, even if we are able to elect a slew of constitutionalists to office, it will have little effect on the governmental Kraken – the exceedingly leftist bureaucratic monster.

So again, where does this leave us?

Well, for the time being, we can continue to try to change things – reinstill and reinstall the idea and ideals of freedom and liberty into our government. But when that ceases to be possible because all the arms of authority are so corrupt, we are left with three options:

Comply like the mindless minions in “1984”; resist and fight a likely unwinnable war; or create an alternate reality – a parallel society.

The only path back and feasible option appears No. 3. Then the question is how. The easiest way to determine the answer is to look to history for a model.

And that model is the Eastern Europeans (Eastern Bloc) – Soviet satellite states like Romania, Poland, Hungary, Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic), etc., nations that created a parallel society that helped lead to the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union.

Like the USSR, our government works for its own betterment and authority, not for ours. Like other communist/fascist nations, the media and tech have become the propaganda ministry of the State. Government money printing and leftist pipe dreams are on their way to bankrupting us.

What needs to be created is an alternate, parallel society – systems, infrastructure, education, communication – free from government influence like CRT, ESG, big-brother censorship, et al.

And like “Field of Dreams,” if we build it, they will come.

The first step is to agree we have a serious problem. Show of hands – all of you … the ayes have it. We have a serious problem that will not be solved head on.

The second step is beginning implementation of this parallel society.

Most importantly is a way to communicate with others of like mind, free of government and media filters. Thankfully, this has already begun.

It began with Parler, a short-lived Twitter competitor. As the first to try, they got crushed by the media/tech arm of the Kraken.

Rumble learned from Parler. The freedom video platform is growing steadily and because it has its own servers, will not suffer (so far) Parler’s fate. Unlike YouTube, all voices, right and left are welcome – not just voices they/we agree with.

At present, there are 60 alternative social media sites, including Telegram, Gab, MeWe, GETTR and the new kid on the block, Donald Trump’s Truth Social.

However, because of Truth’s massive demand (that’s a good thing), you’ll likely end up on a waiting list to join. Be patient.

Like Truth, none of this parallel society will happen overnight, but it can happen as it did in Eastern Europe. They had a lot less to work with, but the desire to make it happen.

Eventually it may require a home to build things like infrastructure. If you have the means, you may have to move to a like-minded community elsewhere.

The corrupt leftist ideological weight will eventually collapse on it itself – it always does. This will leave a void that must be filled with the parallel society of freedom lovers and constitutionalists. We just need to be prepared when it happens.

So get involved if you’re not already. It’s going to take some courage, so no more sideline watchers. It’s going to take all of us.

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