Network injects bias into report of girl shot while trying to stab a victim

Pro-Black Lives Matter, pro-Democrat and pro-progressive bias in network newscasts has been surging in recent weeks and months.

And now, less than a week after one network edited an image of a boy holding a gun to show him without a gun – to carry a message – a second network has hidden a knife – in the hands of a girl apparently attempting to stab another girl – that appeared in a video.

And NBC’s report on the death of Ma’Khia Bryant omitted the comment, “she’s trying to stab us” from a 911 call.

The American Conservative Movement explained, “Those who get their information from NBC News likely think was Ma’Khia Bryant was randomly shot by police just because she’s black.”

The commentary continued, “NBC News wants the latest death to be seen as an unnecessary act of unproved murder of a young black girl by a white police officer based on the way they’re reporting it.”

The facts of the case are that Bryant had a knife in her hand and “She was trying to stab someone with that knife,” ACM reported. “The police officer who shot and killed her decided that she must be stopped, and he did so with very little time as the knife in Bryant’s hand was already heading towards its intended victim. The officer was prepared, knowing from the 911 call that there was a girl with a knife trying to stab people.”

But the network, “decided to deceptively edit all of that part out,” ACM reported. “First, they went after the 911 call, omitting the extremely important part where the caller tells police there is someone at the address trying to stab people.”

A 911 caller said, “…trying to fight us, trying to stab us, trying to put their hands on our grandma. Get here now.”

But NBC cut that part out.

Body cam video:

And another report:

“To make it all worse, they edited out the knife itself. One can argue that omission of the portion of the 911 call was just terrible journalism, but combined with minimizing the presence of the knife, barely showing an image of it on the ground for under one second, it’s clear they’re not reporting the news. They’re trying to form a racist narrative,” ACM reported.

The commentary noted those who produced and/or edited the report “desperately want the race war to heat up.”

The week before it was CBS.

A clip from a Chicago officer’s body cam released by the Chicago Police Department shows the policeman exiting his squad car and chasing Adam Toledo down a dark alley as another suspect disappears from view.

The officer shouts: “Police! Stop! Stop right [expletive] now! Hands! Hands! Show me your [expletive] hands!”

The boy turns and raises his hands, and the officer shouts “Drop it” and fires his weapon.

CCTV footage of the March 29 incident shows Toledo throwing something through a gap in the fence as the officer approaches him. The bodycam video shows the officer shining a light on a handgun behind the wooden fence after the shooting.

However, CBS News tweeted a video formatted for mobile devices in which both sides of the video are cropped and the image of Toledo holding the gun is omitted.

The CBS tweet said: “Newly released bodycam footage shows Chicago police chasing and fatally shooting 13-year-old Adam Toledo, as he appeared to comply with orders to raise his hands.”

See the CBS News tweet:

The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra spotlighted CBS’s framing of the story, posting two images side-by-side that show what CBS News omitted from the bodycam footage.

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