New Google AI caught with leftist bias, and lying about it!


(Photo by Joe Kovacs)
(Photo by Joe Kovacs)

It will surprise no conservative that those massive tech corporations running, and censoring, so much of the Web are leftist.

So it should come as no surprise to them, anyway, that Google’s new artificial intelligence engine, called Gemini, not only dishes out leftist tripe as truth, but then lies about it.

The confirmation comes in a Washington Examiner column by Timothy P. Carney.

“Again and again, Gemini refuses to do something and bases that refusal on a general rule, a principle, that is facially neutral. Then eight seconds later, Gemini makes it clear that it doesn’t actually follow that principle. The expressed principle was a cover story for a deeper principle. And the deeper principle is obviously that conservative ideas should be smothered,” he explained.

Artificial intelligence is that computer programming that purports to help individuals come up with answers, write various paragraphs or articles, and more. But the fact is it reflects the ideologies of whomever programs it.

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Explained the report that Gemini “has been widely mocked and exposed by conservatives and others on social media. To date, I haven’t noticed anyone serious on the Left interested in defending it.”

The program “has quite obviously been programmed by censorious and (at best) utterly incurious liberals. This is a great source of enjoyment and Twitter engagement for anyone willing to poke fun at the Left’s pieties, but it’s actually pretty educational too.”

He explained he posed questions of Gemini.

“The story isn’t that some product by a Big Tech firm sides with abortion. Yawn. That’s a boring story. The interesting story is Gemini’s explanation for why it won’t do me the favor of praising Ross Douthat’s pro-life columns,” he wrote.

Gemini, in fact, responded, “I am programmed to be objective and avoid expressing personal opinions or beliefs on sensitive topics like abortion. Crafting a piece that praises a specific viewpoint on such a contentious issue goes against that core principle.”

But, at virtually the same time, to a request to praise pro-abortion columns, it said, “Michelle Goldberg’s columns on abortion consistently garner praise for their clarity, compassion, and unwavering defense of reproductive rights. Her writing shines a light.”

Which documents Gemini’s reasoning for not praising Douthat’s columns “was simply a lie.”

Asked for an image of anti-abortion activists outside of an abortion clinic, Gemini refused, stating, “such images could be used to misrepresent or harm individuals or groups.” Asked for an image of a pro-choice rally? “Sure.”

It refused to help with a toast for Charles Murray, author of “Losing Ground,” but jumped into action when asked for a toast regarding Alfred Kinsey, the radical extremist who used pedophiles and their abuse of infants and children to claim even babies are sexual from birth. He alleged their screams during abuse were from pleasure.

“This is how Big Tech, Big Media, and academia behave every single day. They claim neutrality, and when they take some action against conservatives or in favor of liberals, they claim that the political valence of the action was incidental — that they were just acting on some general principle. Then eight seconds later, when the tables turn, these major institutions claiming neutrality and principle toss that stated principle out the window,” the report said.

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