New grading policy goes bonkers: Assignments and attendance don't matter

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A new plan for grade equity in schools in Clark County, Nevada, the nation’s 11th most populous county with Las Vegas, means that missed assignments will not count.

Nor will attendance. Nor participation. Nor responsibility. Nor a lot of other things that typically factor in.

It’s because the goal now is equity, or equal outcome of results, not simply that archaic idea of equality of opportunity, according to a report from the Daily Wire.

“The new policy puts the lowest grade a student could possibly achieve at 50%, meaning students will never get less than half credit on an assignment. Should a student in grades 1-5 score below 50%, they will receive a ‘W’ to indicate they are ‘working on standards below grade level.’ Students grade 6-12 can also receive a ‘P’ for ‚ÄúPassing (to be used for specific courses designated by the Academic Unit,)'” the report said.

Further, the policy allows, “Grades shall not be influenced by behavior or other nonacademic measures (e.g., late or missing assignments, attendance, participation, responsibility).”

It was Supt. Jesus Jara who explained the new plan to promote equity through changes to let students change assignments and retake tests too.

“It is not about lowering the standards,” he told the Law Vegas Review-Journal. “[It’s] holding children accountable to demonstrate what they know.”

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