New tribalism at our doorstep: Vaxxed vs. unvaxxed

If America’s leftists/statists have their way, our nation will end up divided into two distinct tribes – the vaccinated and the unvaccinated.

This idea is not so farfetched, as many articles and posts have been written about how the unvaccinated should be denied health care and unvaccinated teachers and children should be denied entry into schools.

Sporting events, entertainment, public venues, restaurants and bars, and, yes, even workplaces, are denying entry to the wicked unvaxxed.

Opinion columnist, Michael J. Stern, wrote in USA Today that, “It’s time to start shunning the vaccine hesitant,” and vaccination proof “should be required to work, play and travel.”

In other words, Mr. Stern is suggesting that the unvaccinated be allowed to exist and nothing more. A rather obvious follow-up question should be asked of those like Michael Stern: Will there be a sunset on this proof? And if not, then how long will we have to show this proof, or dare I say – vaccination passport? For the next six months, a year, two, forever?

If this is the case, why not just reestablish the Molokai Leper Colony. What he and many like him are suggesting is usually reserved for works of fiction – the haves vs. the have-nots, like the “Hunger Games,” “In Time” or “Surrogates” and easily dozens more.

But this can’t happen in real life – right?

Well, about 18 months ago I would have agreed, that Americans would never become so paralyzed with fear as to acquiesce to such demands, much less to suggest such a thing. Yet here we are on the precipice of just that.

In a relatively short period, the fearmongering left are creating the have vs. have-not society previously seen only in books and movies.

I recently reviewed the 2009 Bruce Willis movie, “Surrogates.”

Why? Because in a way, we’re heading down the same path.

In the futuristic setting of the film, there are two distinct groups of people. First are those who have chosen, for safety and security sake, to remain at home, and have themselves uploaded into lifelike robots, called Surrogates. These surrogate robots venture out in place of their humans. The advantage is the humans are safely locked away in their homes while the Surrogates take all the risk of daily life.

However, some in society have rejected the idea of living their lives vicariously as Surrogates. They refuse the notion of living in a phony world where everyone is a robot. This is why “Surrogates” is different from other “tribal” movies. In most of these sagas, the have-nots don’t make the choice to be excluded. Their misery is thrust upon them.

A section of the city the movie takes place in is walled off, to accommodate these anti-surrogate radicals. The humans don’t venture out into the Surrogate city and Surrogates aren’t allowed entry into the human section.

Of course, the pro-Surrogate city is bright and clean, with every amenity imaginable, while the anti-Surrogate section is a stereotypical scene of dystopia – completely agrarian, dirty, run down, with little to none of the services afforded to the Surrogate city.

It’s a story of two separate tribes.

Does this sound familiar? The haves vs. have-nots – the vaxxed vs. unvaxxed?

Well, it should, because we are rapidly headed that way if freedom-loving Americans, both vaccinated and unvaccinated, don’t wake up and push back against the leviathan that our own irrational fear helped create.

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