Newsom recruits women for California baby killing

For someone who continually claims he is not running for president, California Gov. Gavin Newsom is on a spending spree to get his name out – everywhere!

He recently survived a recall election in California and in fact is now running for reelection. So, he does have reelection on his mind. But, being Gavin Newsom, he also has his eyes set on higher office even though he doesn’t admit it publicly.

In fact, it has been said of him since he first got into San Francisco politics years ago that he has his eyes set on high office – U.S. senator or president.

Consider that Gov. Newsom recently spent more than $105,000 for a TV ad campaign in Florida, touting how wonderful California is for its residents. He claimed that freedom is under assault in Florida and that California is the place for greater freedom. He actually encouraged Floridians to consider moving west. Whether he was successful in that or not, he got lots of extra name recognition and publicity across the country, which certainly won’t hurt if and when he decides to go for the nation’s top job.

Now he’s done something else to get his name out there in a campaign no one has done before. Newsom is using a billboard campaign to tell people in seven no-abortion states that they can come to California to get the procedure.

He has launched the pro-abortion campaign in Texas, Indiana, Mississippi, Ohio, South Carolina, South Dakota and Oklahoma. The billboards are directed at any woman who wants an abortion and who can’t get one where she lives.

To make certain the governors of some of those states were aware of what he was doing, Newsom actually called them in advance to tell them!

Newsom told the public bluntly in a tweet: “NEW: Just launched billboards in 7 of the most restrictive anti-abortion states that explain how women can access care – no matter there they live. To any woman seeking an abortion in these anti-freedom states: CA will defend your right to make decisions about your own health.”

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The billboards refer women to a website set up for this purpose – – which tells them that California allows abortions until fetal viability. The state also allows abortion at any time to protect the life and health of the mother, and the woman has the right to privacy if she chooses to have an abortion.

One billboard shows a person in handcuffs, referring to a state that does not allow abortion. Another shows a woman, with the caption, “Need an abortion? California is ready to help.”

Interested women are told that abortion “care” is also available to anyone who can travel to the state – she doesn’t need to be a California resident. There are also details about the right of anyone of any age to consent to have an abortion in the state – parental approval not required.

As for finances, the website covers that too, since all Medi-Cal plans cover abortion – usually at no cost. In addition, most private insurance plans in California cover abortions since it’s considered “basic health care.”

There’s also contact information for anyone needing legal advice in these issues.

An interesting aspect of the campaign is that it is being paid for by Newsom’s personal political campaign – not by California taxpayers directly. In fact, it is stated directly on each billboard that Newsom’s personal campaign is paying for it.

The scope of the campaign and the money involved certainly lends credence to the belief that it’s part of a larger campaign than just his effort to be reelected governor of his state this November.

Given the controversy over the issue of abortion, it was a wise decision on the part of Gavin Newsom to pay for the campaign from his own election coffers. By doing that, he is avoiding criticism from taxpayers who do not want their taxes to pay for such abortion services.

So far, it isn’t known how Californians feel about Newsom’s billboard campaign touting abortion. In fact, once it was announced, nary a word has been said about it in the state. I have no doubt, however, that once the governor’s reelection campaign gets underway, the issue will be raised.

It remains to be seen how much of a problem it might be for Newsom. A lot will depend on how often the website is used and how many women come to California to kill their babies.

That is, after all, what all this is about.

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