No doubt: Biden is all-in with the 'ultra-radicals'

Joe Biden has said it. I think he really means it. And this, once again, proves his own illegitimacy.

Last week he slammed the MAGA movement, led by his worst enemy, Donald J. Trump, who called it simply Make American Great Again. How truly subversive!

Biden labeled MAGA, which he alternatively called MEGA, the “most extreme political organization that’s existed in recent American history.”


I would have to say that today’s Democratic Party is the “most extreme political organization that’s existed in recent American history.” We should bury it once and for all in real, untampered-with, old-fashioned elections for at least 100 years.

Biden has even taken to calling the pro-America stance the “ultra-MAGA agenda.”

It stands to reason, then, that the Democratic Party is anti-American. It’s “ultra-illegitimate.” It’s “ultra-war.” It’s “ultra-inflationary.” It’s for “ultra-disinformation.” It’s for “ultra-open immigration.” It’s for an “ultra-debtor nation, not a creditor nation.” And it’s for “ultra-dependence, NOT “ultra-independence.” Biden is now, without doubt, the ultimate radical and top crime boss in America.

It’s time to take him for what he is. He’s thrown his lot in with the “ultra-globalists.” He rejects U.S. nationalism, calling Americans who love their country, the MAGA movement, again, the “most extreme political organization that’s existed in recent American history.”

And what brought this on? The opportunity to play off what he sees at a chink in our armor because of one thing the Democratic Party stood for, held the line on, threatened even the lives of the majority of those oppose it: Roe v. Wade. That’s how desperate they are. They are that “ultra-abortion.” Truly, the “most extreme political organization that’s existed in recent American history,” in the words of Joe Biden.

In fact, Jonathan Turley, the Shapiro Professor of Public Interest Law at George Washington University, a liberal by most accounts, says the leak of the draft abortion opinion from the Supreme Court is a result of the leftists who want to have their way “by any means necessary.”

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The leak of the still-unfinalized opinion revealed that at the time five justices were in agreement that Roe v. Wade must be struck down, and the regulation of abortion returned to the state legislatures.

It’s not yet known publicly who leaked it, the first such case in American history. But it easy to imagine who it was.

Biden refused to condemn violence of protesters. Heritage Foundation President Kevin Roberts noted, “It’s unconscionable that President Biden did not condemn the proposed violence at the homes of the Supreme Court justices. … I know that our radical leftist friends believe that this is going to drive turnout. But what we’re seeing qualitatively and quantitatively at Heritage, that is looking at two or three polls this week, is that Americans realize the agenda on the left regarding abortion isn’t merely protecting Roe v. Wade – it’s actually allowing partial-birth abortions.”

Many analysts believe the draft opinion was leaked in an attempt to generate outrage, public reaction and even violence that could intimidate the five justices into changing their mind.

Turley explained, in an online column, “Even in a city that traffics in leaks from every agency and every corner of government, this was an unspeakably unethical act. The Supreme Court deals with transformative cases that drive to the very heart of our political, cultural and religious divisions, yet justices and clerks have maintained a tradition of strict civility and confidentiality on such draft statements.”

Continued Turley: “We do not know what motivated this leaker other than to unleash a public and political firestorm. The assumption is that the individual wanted to pressure the court to reconsider its purported path, and to push Congress to pass pending legislation to codify Roe. Yet, this act is such an attack on the very foundation of the court that it is dangerous to assume a specific motivation other than disruption.

“What is clear is that the court has become a tragic anachronism in our age of rage: an institution that relied on the integrity and ethics of its members and staff at a time when such values are treated as naive. It relied on justices and clerks alike remaining bound to the institution and to each other by a constitutional faith.”

However, he said, America now is “in an age of constitutional atheism, so it is only surprising that it took this long. For years, politicians, pundits and academics have called for reckless political action against the court. Many Democrats in Congress have pledged to achieve political goals ‘by any means necessary,’ including packing or gutting the court. Democratic leaders have hammered away at the court and its members, demanding that the court adhere to political demands or face institutional disaster. The threats have grown increasingly raw and reckless as politicians sought to outdo each other in their attacks. In the age of rage, restraint is a lethal liability.

“The message has been repeated like a drumbeat: The ends justify the means.”

It always has with the hard left. And that’s what Biden has become. Either that, or he’s lost his mind.

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