Now it begins – what we've all been waiting for

Now it begins. What we have been unable to do for ourselves, God is doing for us. I wonder how many times in human history he has done that?

How interesting it is that God, who inhabits everything, everywhere, always has and always will, the One who made everything from nothing in the beginning, is already in the process of altering our world beyond recognition.

Most people, certainly most Christians, view heaven and earth as separate places. Thus what happens in heaven is perfect and beautiful, because it operates under God’s will. Similarly, what happens on earth is often ugly, and certainly evil, because earth operates under the influence of evil men and women who don’t know God.

In other words, two quite different worlds exist: heaven, and earth. God rules in heaven; Satan and mankind rule here on the earth.

Oddly enough, what the Bible actually teaches is that God is sovereign over everything. In fact, the Bible tells us that God created the earth and everything in it, including us, and after standing back and looking it over carefully, God decided that it was all very good.

God left the man and the woman with two assignments: Be fruitful and multiply, and subdue the earth. Big assignments; but He also left them everything they needed to accomplish His will. Men and women were created in God’s image; thus they bore some of God’s traits, which was to create, and they bore God’s authority in their words. Some of this was lost at the Fall of Man, but all of it was restored to those who come to Christ on the Cross.

The problem for us, both then and now, is that Satan succeeded in getting the man and the woman to question God’s will for their lives. The correct response by Eve to Satan in the Garden would have been, “Get out of here, while you still can!” Today, Satan still uses the same question he used with Eve in that first garden: “Has God really said …?” and then he went on to misquote God, and like Eve, we are distracted by Satan’s straw man.

It seems rather like big media and corrupt tech today, whose mouthpieces misquote us and then accuse us of saying what they just lied about. Social media then spread the lies far and wide. The Father of Lies. How appropriate that so many in the media and big-tech worlds should worship the same liar today.

It’s a common belief in the natural world – the one in which we live at this particular moment – that the spiritual world is a different place. There was an old expression (not an exact quote) that somewhat captures this: “The past is a different country. They do things differently there.”

For many of us, even many Christians, this separation is how we view the natural and spiritual worlds. This world is evil, the spiritual world, the heavens, are good. God lives in heaven; we live on the earth. The pathway between these two realms is the death of our natural bodies and our translation into the spiritual realm. Our ultimate destination within the spiritual realm depends upon our relationship here in the natural world with Jesus Christ.

The Bible, however, is filled with accounts of supernatural beings having interactions with men and women here in the natural realm on earth. God spoke with Moses. Angels ministered to humanity at the birth of Jesus. Demons that had indwelt people were cast out of them by Jesus and his disciples. The apostles John and Paul recount heavenly encounters and visions.

There is certainly plenty of biblical evidence that the two worlds coincide, or maybe rub elbows, at least at certain times. Prayer is almost universally accepted as altering the course of illnesses, events and sometimes even death here on earth.

If that’s the case, why do we discount supernatural intervention in the natural realm in which we live? If God’s Holy Spirit indwells Christians, why would we not expect Him to do miracles (supernatural interventions) through those same people? Why would we limit God to only using people doing natural things to accomplish His will here on earth?

Is not a God who is everywhere and always present, across time and space, is that God not at any time capable of effecting change by exercising his sovereign will in whichever “place” he chooses to effect change? If that is true, then why do we act as if it is not? – home of the Armageddon Story novel series.

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