Now woke universities permit 'lynch mob' violence

If a psychology professor wanted to show his class how a deeply propagandized people can turn violent against a member of a pariah caste, he/she/zhe should have recorded the events that took place at the University of Kansas Monday night.

It was Mob Psychology Lab 101. The pariah was/is male, now in the clear minority at just about every university. We have to presume he is white. If otherwise, there would have been excuses, not accusations, let alone an attack on a fraternity house.

The prevailing propaganda, absurd on its face, is that a “rape culture” terrorizes the American campus. The result of this toxic mix was an all too predictable mayhem.

“I happened to be there at KU last night with my son, for a trombone concert,” a friend emailed me. “After the concert, we heard the mob and walked over to check it out. It was madness … utter mob justice, a la Mississippi lynch mob, circa 1935.”

My friend exaggerates only in that no one died. That said, even the local media noticed that the crowd was out of control. Fox 4 News headlined its initial story, “‘No Means No’ Rally at KU fraternity turns violent.”

Woker heads soon prevailed at Fox 4, and the headlined was changed to “Thousands show up to protest at ‘No Means No’ sexual assault rally at KU fraternity in Lawrence.” The original headline, however, remains embedded in the URL.

Just two days prior to the assault on the fraternity house, a female apparently accused a member of the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity of something sexual. The media shared nothing more than that. At the time of the “largely peaceful” protest, it is unlikely anyone in the crowd knew more than the media.

National Phi Kappa Psi was unique in responding rationally. “Phi Kappa Psi became aware of the allegations against a new undergraduate member based on allegations at the chapter house on the night of Saturday, September 11,” said the fraternity in a public statement.

“University of Kansas officials were immediately notified,” the statement continued, “so a full and prompt investigation could be initiated. Phi Kappa Psi takes these allegation seriously and will fully cooperate with law enforcement.”

The students did not want to hear about due process. Apparently, when they read “To Kill a Mockingbird,” they thought they were supposed to identify with the mob.

“While Phi Psi is currently the one being blamed, every single fraternity here is guilty,” a female junior told the school paper, the Daily Kansan. “Until rape culture is demolished, it’s going to continue happening here.”

“The more an accusation strikes fears among society,” writes Dr. Janice Harper, herself a victim of an academic lynching, “the more likely it is not only believed, but the more likely a mob mentality will take hold, uniting people to act aggressively and without restraint against the accused.”

This junior co-ed (can I say that?) would have been only about 5 when hysterical ideologues like herself ruined the lives of several Duke lacrosse players and only about 14 when another crazed bunch destroyed the reputation of a University of Virginia fraternity, in each case on false accusations of rape. Ignorance, however, ceases to be an excuse for anything when the individual turns activist and yields to the mob.

Beyond fear and ignorance, another common variable in a lynching is the apathy or actual cowardice of officialdom. “If there was a true respect for due process and justice at KU,” my friend observed, “the university president would have showed up with a megaphone to disperse this crowd. To state the obvious: that didn’t happen.”

My friend continued, “The police stood idly by, directing traffic, rather than protecting the private property and the quiet enjoyment of the fraternity house occupants. By the inaction of the administration and the police, KU endorsed this insane mob justice.”

Given the angry, woke zeitgeist at the typical American campus – on full display Monday even in Kansas – parents should seriously rethink sending their children, especially their sons, to college for anything other than a STEM degree, if that.

For my friend at least, there was an upside. “It was very illuminating for my 17-year-old son and I to witness,” he wrote. “If there was any chance of my son attending KU before last night, it vanished upon witnessing this spectacle.”

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