OK, boomers, time to fix the mess we've made

We are the baby boomers. We are the children of the heroic heteronormative and self-sacrificing “Greatest Generation” who celebrated the end of the social distancing crisis called World War II by breeding like rabbits. We were by definition destined to be less than “greatest,” as indeed we were, being now the object of scorn by younger generations who rightfully blame us for the mess we’re in as a culture.

We’re the self-indulgent me-first generation that ate the seed-corn of virtue and values that should have been planted for harvesting by our own children and grandchildren. Instead we voluntarily sent them to day-care centers and public schools to be indoctrinated in political correctness so we could have double-income households brimming with the choicest consumer goods.

That’s on us, boomers. The present collapse into tyranny is on us. The stark raving madness of “transgenderizing” the youth, the culture and even the English language is on us. The sacrifice of 70 million unborn babies on the altar of “sexual freedom” is on us. The transition from nurturing, home-centered femininity to competitive, muscle-flexing feminism and from take-charge masculinity to deferential, feminist-appeasing passivity is on us.

We were born at the pinnacle of American wealth and power, into a society that still represented “government by the consent of the governed,” and we silently consented to its overthrow through apathy and self-absorption.

Although many of us individually were good parents, we were collectively a generation guilty of bad parenting. And that will be our epitaph – and our legacy – unless we take responsibility for what we’ve done and work to repair what we broke, which is still possible to do. We’re old but, we’re not dead yet – and we have all the resources we’ve accumulated over these decades to work with.

To be fair, we did not want the outcome our acquiescence produced. This present corruption was the plan and goal of perverted elites – master manipulators – who exploited us for their enrichment and political empowerment.

Thankfully, the MAGA movement is proof both that we did not want these results and that we are capable of taking on the challenge of fixing this mess.

Importantly, it was the ultimate baby boomer, Donald Trump, who finally woke us up to reality and who really epitomizes our generation. He was born at the very start of it, in 1946, lived the selfish, me-first lifestyle to the fullest degree as a New York liberal, awakened to the consequences of it later in life and sacrificially set out to set things right by winning the White House and taking on the entire elite Uniparty. He went from being a pro-abortion pal of criminals like the Clintons to a champion of the unborn and the nemesis of the globalist puppet-masters. He is the model for the secular populists of the formerly silent majority, and we Christian conservatives in the MAGA movement (who have the higher standard of Christ) should welcome and trumpet that fact because it is a giant step in the right direction. Most of them are MAGA patriots because they had Christian parents and/or grandparents, and their road back to American greatness leads directly through the gateway of their own forgotten Judeo-Christian heritage.

How do we fix it?

The most valuable assets of the baby boomers are our memories. We were the last generation to see and be blessed by normalcy in all the things that have taken a dystopian turn for younger people. We are the bridge back to normalcy for our whole society if we can convince the younger generations that normalcy is better than what they have.

We can’t be judgmental or condescending to younger people. They were stuck with the situation we put them in (and even more vulnerable to the same puppet-masters who ensnared us). We need to admit our mistakes, like an alcoholic parent who finally gets recovery, and humbly devote ourselves to undoing the damage we helped to cause.

How do we convince them that normalcy is better?

We don’t focus on the bad. They’re immune to slippery-slope arguments and horror stories. Dystopian reality is all they’ve known, and they’ve learned to cope with it – in large part by embracing Marxist utopian fantasies or New Age religions.

Instead, we show them the good. We open up our hearts and our storehouse of good memories, and we show them every good thing we enjoyed as children and young adults when things were normal. We show them beautiful born babies, happy pregnant moms and loyal married couples who pressed on through tough times and were strengthened by staying together. We show them blissful days of courtship and romance from when boys were boys and girls were girls. We teach them about all the things that made the Greatest Generation so great for us as their children – and we invest ourselves in helping them get a good taste of those things to the extent that it is in our power to do so. We use our first-hand truths to neutralize Hollywood lies.

We – all of us – take on the challenge of finding young people who have lost hope, and we nurture them until they get it back – all the while giving them a new foundation of normal values and perspectives, using all the tools and assets at our disposal. We each rescue one starfish at a time – but do it as a generation-wide avocation (which, because we’re the boomers, gives us a great numerical advantage).

We determine to spend the remainder of our years living redemptively so that our epitaph reads “They ended well” – and our legacy is a generation that remembers and seeks the greatness our generation wrongly took for granted.

OK, boomers. Let’s fix this mess.

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