On SCOTUS security, AOC is a hypocritical trauma queen

The short-lived television program “Get Christie Love!” (1974-1975) was an adventure show about a black female undercover cop constantly being targeted by the bad guys, starring the late Teresa Graves. Despite its popularity, the program lasted only one season, largely because Graves – a woman of principle driven by her faith – felt guilty about the violence it portrayed.

Forty-seven years later, we hear the tall tales of progressive liberal Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., projecting a storyline of “Get AOC!” based on her repeated victimization claims. While “Get Christie Love!” was a drama, based on a real person’s life, “Get AOC!” is the fabricated creation of a drama- turned trauma-queen attempting to promote her own self-importance.

AOC often grabs news headlines despite the fact she does much more whining than legislating. When criticized for her far-left views and hypocritical acts, she has a list of victimization defenses from which to choose. Most often she simply claims her critics are racist. Born in the U.S., AOC is of Puerto Rican ancestry, describing herself as a “person of color.”

Looking to expand her racism-claims qualifications, she recently declared, being surrounded by native Americans at a protest, she was “awakened” to a tribal heritage linking her to the Taino Indians. She also has claimed Jewish, European and black heritage over the years. It was in 2018 while speaking at a synagogue she explained that Puerto Ricans are an amalgamation, making them a mixture of various races. In her case, going back many generations, “my family consisted of Sephardic Jews.” This is a surprising admission for one who affirmed her hatred for Israel, allying herself with two of the most anti-Jewish members of Congress.

Unknown is whether AOC has had her DNA tested to support her ethnicity claims. If not, she is giving Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., (aka “Pocahontas”) a run for her money.

Also in her quiver of counter-attacks is “sexism” – an arrow she fires whenever it too might be helpful to take the focus off issues for which she cannot provide a substantive rebuttal. However, it is interesting to see how she did not fail to use sexism herself when a GOP member, upon seeing a photograph of her and her boyfriend unmasked vacationing in Florida, tweeted criticism of her hypocrisy as her constituents wore masks back home. The tweet included a reference to her boyfriend’s “hideous sandals,” to which AOC responded, “If Republicans are mad they can’t date me, they can just say that instead of projecting their sexual frustrations onto my boyfriend’s feet. Ya creepy weirdos.”

Following the Jan. 6, 2021, riot on Capitol Hill – one Democrats seek to label as an insurrection, though participants were unarmed – AOC tried hard to jump onboard the bandwagon of those fearing for their lives that day. The only trouble is AOC was in an entirely different building and never saw a single rioter. In case the riot were to spill over into her building, which it never did, Capitol Hill police had escorted her to safety.

Yet, AOC tells the tall tale that rioters were out to “Get AOC.” Despite a Capitol Hill police officer escorting AOC to safety – he was the only “intruder” into her office – AOC later said, “I thought I was going to die. … When he came in, it didn’t feel right because he was looking at me with a tremendous amount of anger and hostility. …”

The officer’s “anger and hostility” may well have been due to AOC’s defunding police efforts, sowing the seeds of distrust against law enforcement among communities “of color.” Thus, if she experienced fear, it was self-inflicted.

AOC feared she would be raped that day, later causing her to claim she suffered Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). Despite exaggerating her Jan. 6 experience, she made a tearful announcement, claiming her fear was triggered by memories of an earlier rape.

It would be interesting to know whether her PTSD claim is based on self-diagnosis and whether any police report supports her rape claim.

Nonetheless, when the January 6 investigative committee broadcast their hearings as part of a television special this month, AOC claimed seeing the riot videos again caused her to experience trauma. If true, then what she boasted about doing next shows exactly how callous and hypocritical she is.

After a young man, armed with sufficient weaponry to achieve his mission, was arrested, admitting he sought to assassinate Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) Justice Brett Kavanaugh, Republicans proposed a bill to bolster security for the justices’ families.

AOC said she was at home, on a “fly-out day” (the day lawmakers return to their home states for the weekend) when she learned about the bill. She boasted she rushed to Congress to cast her vote to block it until Senate Republicans helped Democrats pass gun control regulation. Thus, AOC stupidly put SCOTUS family member lives at risk, knowing the type of gun control regulation she wants will never get the bipartisan support needed. (The Supreme Court security bill passed the House, 396-27 on June 14, the 27 votes all cast by Democrats.)

If anyone suffered trauma, it is the Kavanaugh family. AOC’s trauma is imagined; what the Kavanaughs experienced when a would-be assassin, triggered by the violence liberals called for from President Joe Biden on down, was arrested near their home, is real. If, indeed, drama-queen-turned-trauma-queen AOC experienced Jan. 6 trauma, that should have sensitized her to what the Kavanaughs, and especially their two young daughters, are enduring and the need to immediately guarantee the safety of SCOTUS and their families as some liberals have already set their sites on Justice Amy Coney Barrett and her family.

In the wake of the Kavanaugh incident and the recent targeted killing of a retired Wisconsin circuit judge, security experts are fearful of increased risks of violence to members of the judiciary. The attitude of liberals like AOC suggest a willingness to see a conservative justice die before a Roe v. Wade reversal is published so a Biden liberal SCOTUS replacement can uphold it.

Recently, San Francisco voters recalled, by a wide margin, controversial District Attorney Chesa Boudin who shares the same progressive ideology as AOC. Hopefully, voters of New York’s 14th District will launch a “Get AOC” campaign to toss her out of office. A recent poll reveals respondents with a very unfavorable AOC opinion outnumber those with a very favorable rating at almost 2-to-1; thus, it would be most rewarding for this drama queen to receive the trauma she so richly deserves by losing her reelection.

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