Oops! Media freak when baseball fan's shout is misheard as N-word

Saying that someone used the N-word, a racial epithet, these days is kind of like calling someone a Hitler.

There is no defense, no excuse, no justification, no mitigating circumstance.


So when that bad word reportedly was heard being used by a baseball fan at the Denver Rockies’ game over the weekend, the judgment was immediate.

Craig Mish went to social media to charge: “There was some racist person screaming the N word at the top of his lungs at Brinson while he was at the plate. Came through on TV clearly. Terrible. Rockies need to find this b—— and do bad things to him.”

Bob Nightengale added, “Disgusting. Please find him.”

At bat at the time was Marlins outfielder Lewis Brinson, who is black.

RedState.Com reported, “Nightengale would go on to post that the man heard yelling on TV should be thrown in jail. Now, while I’m against the use of racial epithets, we do not imprison people for saying naughty things in this country, or at least we don’t do so yet. This isn’t Europe and hopefully, it never will be. But the illiberalism is apparent in these people and they never seemingly understand the unintended consequences of what they are calling for.”

The commentary continued, “Anyway, the story went viral. Numerous other ‘journalists’ commented and the man was trashed for the better part of 12 hours as a disgusting racist that should be hunted down and punished. Because our society is so reactionary, no one seemed to bother to stop and ask ‘Wait, did he actually say it?'”

Turns out he was saying “Dinger,” which is the name of the baseball team’s mascot.


The commentary explained, “We’ve seen hoax after hoax exposed over the last several years, from the Jussie Smollett boondoggle to numerous ‘noose’ accusations …”

It continued, “This is just embarrassing. The man was calling for the Rockies’ mascot, which is named Dinger. That’s why not a single person sitting near him claims to have heard him use the n-word.”

In fact, when the baseball team released a statement in condemnation, fans who had been sitting nearby contacted officials defending him. The fan himself, contacted by the club, told officials he was trying to get the attention of Dinger, who was nearby.

It’s not the first such charge that went viral, without cause.

When NBA player Kobe Bryant and others died in a California helicopter crash more than a year ago, a reporter was pummeled for a verbal gaffe where she combined the names of the Los Angeles Lakers and the Knicks, with a word coming out like “Nakers.”

Alison Morris is the reporter who misstated the name of Bryant’s team, as she noted Bryant “was just the kind of athlete, the kind of star that was perfectly cast on the Los Angeles [Nakers], Los Angeles Lakers,” correcting herself instantly.

Morris explained, to no avail, “Earlier today, while reporting on the tragic news of Kobe Bryant’s passing, I unfortunately stuttered on air, combining the names of the Knicks and the Lakers to say ‘Nakers.’ Please know I did not & would NEVER use a racist term. I apologize for the confusion this caused.”

Also, some of the Capitol police who responded to protesters who turned violent, breaking doors and windows, on January 6, charged that they were called – over and over – the N-word by protesters.

Video released so far does not verify that.

Officer Harry Dunn claimed to have been addressed by that derogatory name more than a dozen times that day, including after he engaged in conversation “with rioters” and informed them he had voted for Joe Biden.

“Does my vote not count?” he testified about telling protesters. “Am I nobody?”

Then a group repeatedly called him n*****, he said, and that has forced him to counseling for the “trauma” of the day.

The late U.S. Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., also falsely accused tea party demonstrators of using the N-word during an anti-Obamacare rally at the Capitol.

Lewis joined several other members of the Congressional Black Caucus in claiming that a crowd of thousands of Tea Party protesters on the steps of Capitol Hill had shouted the N-word at them when they walked through the crowd.

“It surprised me that people are so mean and we can’t engage in a civil dialogue and debate,” Lewis claimed.

Yet, despite the fact that hundreds of phones and video cameras captured the event, not a single recording could be found to document the claim. The late Andrew Breitbart offered to donate $100,000 to the United Negro College Fund for any video evidence of the N-word. None ever surfaced.

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