Open letter to Donald Trump about 2024

Dear President Trump:

At your rally in Wilmington in October, you told me that you had many things to consider before announcing your candidacy for president in 2024. That was the fourth time we met. The first time was in 2020 at Mar-A-Lago. So you must understand that my next comments are as a supporter of you and the MAGA movement.

Should you run in 2024?

Many in the GOP establishment are pushing Gov. Ron DeSantis to do so only because they want to eliminate Donald Trump. The “elites” do not really want Ron DeSantis in the Oval Office, but he will serve their short-term purpose of destroying you.

The GOP establishment prefers a candidate like Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, or Mike Pence because they can be controlled. Remember that in 2016, the “elites” wanted the presidential contest to be between Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush, because either one would be easily controllable. Mr. President, you came along and upset their plans, which is why everything that can be done to destroy you is being done.

The Republican establishment allowed Democrats to win, to cheat, in the 2022 midterm elections so that they could blame Trump for the losses. McConnell held back funding for many key races.

The elections in Florida, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin and North Carolina turned out just as the pollsters predicted. Ballots were counted by 10 p.m. in each of those states. Those expected to win, won. But why didn’t we see the same in Arizona, Nevada, Georgia, Michigan or Pennsylvania? Why were the ballots counted immediately in Florida, Texas, Ohio, Wisconsin and North Carolina, but not in those other battleground states? Why did it take a week to count ballots in states with fewer than 5 million votes when France completed an election for 36 million with paper ballots all on one day? No early voting. No mail-in ballots except for those out of the country.

Fifty-five races for House seats were “too close to call” on Election Night. At that time, Republicans had won 200 seats while Dems had 180. Fifty-five races too close to call. Tied. Ballots being counted for seven days. Seven days! Why? Any reasonable person would believe that a bell-shaped curve would emerge in which Democrats and Republicans would split those remaining 55 seats, since they were all “too close to call.” The GOP, then, would end up with about 228 seats, and Dems would get 207. Is that what happened? No.

How could Democrats have won every Senate seat that was “too close to call”? How? That is statistically unbelievable.

So why aren’t Republican leadership making a big deal about this? Why aren’t they calling for action?

1. Because Republicans fear being persecuted as “election deniers” like those who questioned the 2020 election. “Election deniers” is the new way to demonize conservatives, just as was racists, deplorables, homophobes.

2. Because RINOs, establishment Republicans, really want Democrats to win so Dems will continue pursuing Donald Trump just as Biden promised in his election “integrity” speech.

You, sir, are a marked man because you stood up to the establishment politicians, the deep state, rich oligarchs and the liberal media cartel. But then, you already know that.

So what should you do about 2024?

Well, you must have many personal issues that impact your decision. Only you can evaluate those. So let me just concentrate on these:

If you decide to run, then you will win the Republican nomination. Your support in the Republican Party is huge. MAGA is the only real alternative to Democratic destruction of American values. Mitch McConnell et al. have no answers. Ninety-three percent of your candidates won in the Republican primary elections. You will win the Republican nomination in 2024 if you want it.

Now, can you win the general election in November 2024?

As you well know, Democrats have figured out how to cheat. Ballot harvesting, drop boxes, mail-out of ballots, weeks of voting, days of counting ballots, machine manipulation.

Mr. Trump, can you stop the cheating? Since states are responsible for how each one runs its own elections, can you stop all the fraud?

Now, for the bigger question: If you cannot stop the cheating and Republican leadership will not try to stop it, then who else can? Answer: no one.

So what do we do if you do not run?

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