It’s time, dear readers, to venture into the forbidden territory of what some people claim is a conspiracy theory and examine the possibility that our government, especially the current administration, is deliberately bringing down America.

To bolster this premise, consider the following articles:

Biden bank nominee said “we want” oil and gas companies to go bankrupt

Biden’s policies clearly drove gas prices up, but Democrats offer only bogus solutions

Internal Report: More than HALF of Border Patrol agents may be FIRED for being unvaccinated

Tom Cotton: High gas prices are the “intended effect of Joe Biden’s Energy Policy,” it is not “some accident”

Leftists, media, and Big Tech are colluding to burn down cities after Kyle Rittenhouse is acquitted

Black conservatives warn of “energy poverty” if Biden closes pipeline

Teacher says critical race theory “radicalized” her curriculum and creates “racial hostility”

Forget expensive; Thanksgiving dinner staples may be hard to find

Massive steal of farms underway – goal is to reduce food production in the U.S.

The Biden administration will pay farmers more money not to farm

The woke takeover of the U.S. military endangers us all

Urgent warning: Military contractors threatened with termination by Biden poses a national security threat

Joe Biden weaponizes the Department of Justice to go after concerned parents

Truckers warn of massive disruptions to supply chain due to COVID-19 vaccine mandates

Truckers face mounting threats from government regulations that could collapse already strained supply lines

Enormous crackdowns on free speech

This is just a partial list, and doesn’t even address such things as shackling young people into eternal student-loan debt for worthless degrees or destroying the family while ignoring the upshot. I could list endless more examples, but I’m limited to 1,000 words in this column. Besides, you get the idea.

What is the result of these current and proposed policies? Hyperinflation. Completely open borders. Vast numbers of fully qualified people forced out of their jobs and more dependent on government to survive. Supply-chain shortages. Food shortages. Gas shortages. Energy shortages. A younger generation so indoctrinated in Marxist philosophy that they’re unable to see beyond it. Parents cowed into submission, too terrified to speak out against the indoctrination. Horrific race relations. Conservatives blacklisted and silenced. A military too weak to defend us and – possibly – that could be used against us.

Now tell me, do these actions seem random or accidental to you? Does the government want to bring down this nation?

Evidently, yes. Talk-show host Dan Bongino said, “Explain to me with a straight face how what I just told you about the economy, inflation and the border, how a sane person would say, yes, this is good for a prosperous county. You can’t. There’s not a single soul in this room who can explain to me why that would make sense that this was not deliberate and intentional.”

Black conservative commentator Emery McClendon noted, “Why would President Biden want to increase the misery of people already trying to keep up with the inflation he caused?”

Some believe these tactics are part of the Cloward-Piven Strategy, which “seeks to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse.”

Or, as one Twitter poster put it, “I’m not saying they’re intentionally trying to shut down small businesses, destroy the middle class, transfer the majority of the world’s wealth to the world’s largest corporations, and divide us with fear and hatred. But if they were, what would they be doing differently?”

On the subject of shutting down energy pipelines in the middle of an energy crisis as well as printing trillions of dollars out of thin air, Tucker Carlson notes: “The most galling part of all of it is none of this is an accident. … Crush the middle class with completely out-of-country energy costs. … [And when trillions of newly printed dollars are dumped into the system], that new money dilutes the value of every existing dollar. … That’s called inflation. Can it go on forever? Well, there’s a limit to how long any government can do this. At some point – maybe sooner than you think – the currency collapses. The Build Back Better people will have wrecked the U.S. dollar. And that will be their crowning achievement.”

Crowning achievement, indeed. In other words, orchestrated.

Firebrand columnist Wayne Allyn Root points out how the vaccine mandates are part of the Cloward Piven strategy to transform America from a capitalist to a communist nation. “These COVID-19 vaccine mandates are destroying the country, creating chaos, crisis and division,” he writes. “They are wiping out the ranks of the police, fire, paramedics, nurses, prison guards, border patrol and military. Our middle class is being ripped to shreds. These front line heroes and defenders don’t want this dangerous, experimental, for-emergency-use-only jab. There will soon be no one to answer your 911 call. The police will be defunded – without voters ever getting a vote.”

Whether or not you believe this is a deliberate tactic to destroy America, you must admit – America is being destroyed.

“From an economic standpoint,” notes Michael Snyder, “this new mandate is going to be absolutely disastrous. We are already in the midst of the worst worker shortage in all of U.S. history, and we are currently dealing with a supply chain crisis of epic proportions. Forcing millions of Americans out of their jobs right in the middle of the upcoming winter will take both the worker shortage and the supply chain crisis to entirely new levels. … But Biden is going to do it anyway.”

Tucker agrees: “From an ideologue’s perspective, destruction is the whole point.”

The final questions to ask are these: To what end? If the collapse of America is orchestrated, who wins? What happens next?

And finally, is the current administration orchestrating a collapse of America, or is that just a whack-doodle conspiracy theory? You decide.

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