Patriots! 'Cancel' progressive corporate bullies now

In case you missed it, America is dangerously divided.

Deep-state, crooked politicians, overgrown progressive corporations and big media are on one side; on the other, wonderfully diverse, hard-working, patriotic American families who simply want a level playing field and a fighting chance.

What these patriotic Americans don’t want is a small group of self-appointed left-wing corporate elitists who seek to upend political sanity and micro-manage their lives.

For 75 or 80 million voters and their extended families, Donald Trump represented the antidote to this swampy elitist poison in America. That’s how the greatest political movement in American history took root and flourished. We simply wanted to be treated like we were half the country again – because we are half the country, or more. The productive class at that.

However, suddenly feeling defeated or robbed (the vast majority the latter), many of us have been hammered and cajoled into believing that big media, crooked politicians and the crony capitalists they serve hold all the power again.

But this is a false assumption. It’s an artful illusion they want you to believe as they work tirelessly to “cancel” and minimize you and your president, as they come hard after your religious liberties, your first and second Amendment rights, label you “haters and racists” and attempt to undo all of the remarkable things we’ve accomplished together over the past four years.

But they’ve overplayed their hand. There are simply too many of us now. The truth is that you’re the backbone and economic engine of America, and you hold all the power.

Let me repeat that: You hold all the power!

The message these arrogant corporate bullies want to send – even ahead of the inauguration – is this: If they can “cancel” the duly elected president of the world’s greatest superpower, they can certainly cancel you. And they would be right if we allow ourselves to be intimidated, silenced or divided. But that’s not at all who we are.

Truthfully, for all the good he’s done, President Trump is just one patriot (who happened to have 89 million followers on social media). However, if we band together with him and begin to wield our vast, culture-altering purchasing power collectively, the egotistical “power brokers” will cave like a house of cards. And it’s about time. They’ve grown entirely too big for their britches and sorely need a “come to Jesus moment,” which we have the power to deliver them.

Speaking of Jesus, he would no doubt be fashioning a whip and flipping more than a few merchant tables about now with righteous indignation and fire in his eyes.

While they may loathe the faith and family values of your “flyover states,” their business model – and downstream of that their political model – completely falls apart without you. And that’s what they’re desperately hoping you never figure out.

Like it or not, the tipping point is upon us. We didn’t start this dangerous and escalating culture war, but we can finish it, not unlike our forefathers did repeatedly to preserve our freedoms. America is worth saving. Again.

This is a market-driven culture war those in middle America can and must win. The coastal elitist club who routinely thumb their noses at you can ill afford to lose the productive class. And by that, I mean you.

And when we start flipping tables and beating progressive corporations at their own wicked game, shareholders will throw hopelessly ideologically driven CEOs overboard so fast, they won’t have time to clean out their impressive desks or seaside mansions.

You may ask, so where do we start?

As is the case with any culture-changing movement, start with the lowest hanging fruit. Thanks to AT&T arrogantly placing themselves in $180 billion debt after acquisitions like DirecTV and Warner Media (now looking to you to service the obscene debt load with your pricey subscriptions), they’ve made themselves the most vulnerable progressive media company in America. It will not take many more defectors to sink their already foundering ship. It may be your subscription.

The absurdly bloated behemoth – which is not too big to fail – announced Jan. 11 that they would no longer give even the paltry amount by comparison they’ve given to Republicans or Conservative Political Action Committees, and particularly not to any of the patriotic members of Congress who stood up for you and dared to object to the rigged election.

But that should come as no surprise.

AT&T also owns CNN, the tip of the progressive sword in cable “news” that hates everything you and your “deplorable” family stands for. Everything.

AT&T also carries a dozen or more “rock the vote” (to the Marxist left) youth-targeted MTV channels with not a single positive alternative to the right of them on wholly owned DirecTV and U-Verse.

You may be interested to know they are also the largest purveyor of “near hardcore porn” as they like to call it, exploiting your daughters and destroying families for fun and profit with colorful show descriptors like “Filthy Young Deviants,” further fueling the Jeffery Epstein-like crisis pervading elitist America.

This haughty, liberal “phone company” has been sticking their finger in the eye of conservatives for years. And conservative Americans have been unknowingly funding their pillaging of our values. In other words, you faithfully pay your overpriced monthly subscriptions to their online services, cable and satellite TV services, or mobile services, and they bludgeon you and your children with your own money as their way of saying “thank you.”

This kind of self-destructive behavior must stop if conservatives are to pull our once nation under God back from the brink of destruction. Please begin today by “canceling” conservative-hating AT&T. And tell them why you’re canceling them. Spread the word to your entire circle of family and friends while you still have access to social media. There are plenty of cost-efficient alternatives, as I was pleased to discover.

Then by all means go to the free conservative ratings service and make sure each and every one of the venders you patronize from this day forward align with your Judeo-Christian or conservative worldview. Many do or are at least neutral.

Admittedly, this will be a difficult one – but please wean yourself off Amazon. The progressive internet giant just kicked the plug out of the wall on Parler, the only other viable social media platform for conservatives. rates Amazon a disgustingly low rating of 1.33 on a 1-5 scale. You may know that the fat-cat progressive who owns Amazon and who delights in fueling sweatshops in China also owns the Washington Post, the newspaper equivalent of CNN. Both “news outlets” appear to be in a fierce competition for who can hate you the most any given day.

But be encouraged, patriots. You’re already winning at this winner-take-all game!

By “canceling” Facebook and Twitter, as you have by the millions, in only a matter of days you’ve managed to cost those two conservative-hating social media platforms a combined $51 billion (with a “b”) in market value as their stock prices plunge off the cliff. And this doesn’t account for the additional tens of billions they will lose in ad revenue with a vastly diminished base. Frankly, it couldn’t happen to more deserving guys.

Please keep up the pressure and great work, America! Take back your economic and political power from crony-capitalist, corporate-bullies who fund and praise democratic socialists like demigods.

America needs you more than ever. Your children need you. The right to keep and bear arms needs you. Religious freedoms and free speech need you.

You have everything to lose by not withdrawing your all-important dollar “vote” for these culturally destructive companies. Again, go to free and “vote” for only vendors and services that are friendly to your values from now on. It would also be helpful to support local vendors again. They are patriots too.

But by all means “cancel” doggedly progressive companies that would cancel you, your children and your future. I can promise that you won’t like what happens next if you fail to do so.

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