Pay no attention to the man behind the (Microsoft) curtain

Since it has now been established that our once-great nation has been reduced to a state-of-the-art banana republic, I thought I’d move on to some of the things to which we’ll still need to pay heed once the supposititious Biden administration takes the reins in Washington, assuming this does in fact occur.

Before we get into that, however, I will say that I think it is still quite probable that the nation will descend into civil war regardless of who is recognized as president of the United States at the end of next month. Should Joe Biden be inaugurated as president, I maintain that this might indeed be the best thing, as it would place patriots and supporters of the socialist cabal in Washington on equal footing. By this, I mean that patriots would finally be able to act against our enemies without restraint. Anyone who thinks this an extreme statement still fails to grasp the gravity of our situation, or is simply a fool.

Should Joe Biden take office, of course, it will represent a new age of darkness for this nation. Considering the wholesale debasement of our institutions a Biden presidency will bring about, it is likely that this will result in the ultimate dissolution of the United States, even if it doesn’t come about as a result of civil war.

For those looking for a manner in which all of this might be contextualized philosophically, all I can say is that great societies have been rising and falling on this planet for millennia. Witnessing the fall of Rome probably would have been rather interesting; at least we can say that we were around for the fall of one of the “big ones.” Perhaps the next great society that comes into being will heed our example and possess the foresight to eliminate their subversive elements with extreme prejudice before they amass the strength to gain ascendency.

In the meantime: Some of the more agonizing experiences we’ve endured in recent weeks have included being subjected to the incomprehensibly inane blathering of those on the left as regards pretty much every topic open to discussion. I’m sure I’m not the only one who will attest to the effluvia of smugness, fallacy, hatred, self-righteousness, capriciousness, slander and outright lies having been rather hard to take.

This week, Microsoft founder Bill Gates warned that some restaurants and bars will have to remain closed as a result of the recent COVID-19 surge, even commenting on CNN that pandemic restrictions might have to remain in place through 2022.

Which makes this a stellar object lesson in leftist elitism.

As we know, Bill Gates is a barking mad leftist. He has made his political sentiments quite clear over the years, even investing $500 million in 1996 to found the odious MSNBC. His donations, rhetoric and political associations certainly reflect his views. In recent years, Gates has also positioned himself as a self-appointed expert on immunology and vaccines. How he managed this remains somewhat unclear to me, save for the summary credibility morons in our society seem so willing to grant those who have money.

There are two things I’d like to address here, the first being Gates’ manifest lack of credibility in this area. Granted that Gates has every right to be an outspoken advocate for vaccines, and to invest in vaccine development and promotion through his Gates Foundation, but no one on the planet should consider him an authority on the topic simply because he throws money at the issue and talks about it a lot.

Bill Gates certainly isn’t the first wealthy individual who thinks he can speak with authority on issues about which he knows very little simply because he’s wealthy, and he won’t be the last. For my part, I’d say that my 23 years in biomedical, immunological and infectious disease research makes me far more of an authority on these topics than Gates will ever be.

Then, of course, there’s the question of Gates’ motivations in the area of vaccinating the world considering his status as a barking mad socialist. Suspicious at best, sinister at worst is where I’d put my money without speculating as to Bill’s ultimate goal.

Which brings us to my next point: Obviously, I have no problem whatsoever with Gates accumulating vast wealth. He was instrumental in developing an emerging industry, and he’s employed and enriched lots of people. Gates using his wealth to advance the socialist agenda, however, is craven, subversive and hypocritical. As I’ve said before, when guys like Gates (or Mark Zuckerberg, Ben Cohen and Jerry Greenfield, Jack Dorsey or Jeff Bezos) build multimillion- and billion-dollar companies and then support socialism, they are effectively kicking down the ladder of success behind them so that others will be deprived of the opportunities they enjoyed. With every inch we gravitate toward socialism, prosperity becomes just a little bit harder for the aspirant to achieve.

In other words, Bill Gates doesn’t care if the economy disintegrates behind a two-year pandemic lockdown; he’s already got his – which has been the credo of mega-wealthy liberals since there have been mega-wealthy liberals.

Finally, even as a business success story, the accomplishments of Bill Gates – regularly cited as earthshaking by business mavens – really aren’t much to crow about. Yes, he started Microsoft, with its record-breaking earnings, but when you look at where the microcomputer revolution was in the early 1980s (Microsoft was founded in 1975), it’s easy to see that there was a big niche to fill alongside IBM and Apple, which dominated personal computing at that time. As any older computer geek will tell you, the Windows operating system was not original; had the niche not been filled by Microsoft, it would have been quickly filled by another company, or a handful thereof. Finally, those who have followed Microsoft’s climb know that Gates’ business deportment has often been less than ethical.

So, it’s not like Gates is akin to Jonas Salk or someone of similar stature (vaccination pun intended). He was definitely in the right place at the right time for technology, but unfortunately, in the wrong place at the wrong time for our nation.

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