Pelosi sets herself up for backlash by complaining about 'disparities in income'

Nancy Pelosi (DNC video screenshot)

U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., a multimillionaire who has made a career in Congress, was set up for a backlash over her wealth this week.

By her own comments.

During a news conference she complained loudly about the disparity in income across the United States.

“This vaccine – this pandemic is horrible. I mean, in every way, the lives and livelihoods of the American people are affected by it in a massive way. However, it has also pulled back the curtain to reveal further disparities in our economy and in our society. They have become – come into sharper focus because of the pandemic…” she stated.

“Clearly, the disparities in income and equity in our country are vast. We’ve known that. They’ve only gotten worse, and the pandemic, again, puts it in sharper focus. And that’s why I’m proud to announce the creation of a new bipartisan Select Committee on Economic Disparity and Fairness in Growth, which will be a central force for the Congress to combat the crisis of income and wealth disparity in America.”

Her comments came just as she and others in Congress are demanding that Americans all be sent $2,000 from the government because of the pandemic. Already in process are $600 payments to most people.

The fretting of “wealth disparity” also strongly reflects to new focus on socialism in the nation’s Democrat Party, whose members repeatedly have called for wealth redistribution and want laws to address that.

But her comments, according to the Daily Wire, produced “blowback that pointed out her own vast personal wealth, which is estimated to be roughly $114 million.”

Responding to a video of her statements, commentator Logan Hall noted, “pelosi owns a $24,000 fridge.”

That issue arose last spring when Pelosi showed up on a television talk show with James Corden and boasted, from her Napa Valley mansion, of her “two massive built-in refrigerators” with a freezer section stocked with gourmet ice cream.

“We all have found our ways to keep our spirits up during these trying times. Mine just happens to fill up my freezer,” she said at the time.

Actor James Woods pointed out those appliances cost some $24,000.

And commentator Glenn Greenwald said that’s more than “many people make in a year.”

Joe Biden’s response to Pelosi’s braggadocio?

“You have great taste,” he said.

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