Picador Haley vs. the Bull

We are watching a bullfight – and Donald Trump is the bull. Nikki Haley is just a weapon in the fight, an expendable one.

GOP presidential candidate Nikki Haley is the next Liz Cheney. Her political career as a Republican is done if she does not concede to the will of Republican voters. Instead, she is doing the bidding of oligarchs like Charles Koch to weaken Trump for the general election and distract Americans from Biden/Democrat failures in hopes that her alliance with rich elites will catapult her failing political career.

Many billionaire donors have made their donations to Haley through Americans for Prosperity, which is a PAC that is a front for Koch, an anti-Trump Republican. The PAC’s only objective is to stop Trump. Haley is just a tool, a weapon, to use against Trump, who is the bull in the fight.

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Another donor is Reid Hoffman, a major Democrat donor, who funded E. Jean Carroll’s defamation lawsuit against Trump that just won her $83 million from a New York court. Hoffman is clearly politically driven to hurt Trump. He dug up Carroll who has a history of accusing men of raping her. He financed her civil suit in New York, which did not require a unanimous jury to find Trump guilty. It was a New York jury that was eager to fine Trump for defamation without any need for a criminal conviction of rape. Hoffman clearly has no intention of helping Haley beyond hurting Trump since he is a huge Biden/Democrat donor.

Other rich donors to Haley include a mix of Republicans and Democrats who have a common enemy in Donald Trump. They’re Democrat and Republican establishment bedfellows. According to Forbes, by 2022, “16 billionaires and seven spouses of billionaires donated to [Haley’s] group, called Stand For America.” Since 2022, many more billionaires have joined them, like Stanley Druckenmiller, Henry Kravis, Ken Langone and Cliff Asness.


Picture the reactions of these rich oligarchs when Trump restricted their use of tax deductions like SALT (State and Local Taxes), business losses and interest payments (like interest payments to family members); when Trump reduced their cheap labor entering the U.S. from Mexico; when Trump put tariffs on products from their companies in China; when Trump put energy policies in place that reduced oil prices and the values of the billionaires’ oil investments; and when Trump exposed the control they weild of Democrat and Republican establishment politicians.

Trump scares them. “America First” scares them. MAGA scares them. Power to average American workers scares them. This bull in the fight scares them.

According to exit polls, Trump won 74% of the votes of New Hampshire Republicans in the recent primary. Trump beat Haley 3 to 1 among Republicans and is now climbing in the polls among black and Hispanic voters across the nation. Haley won 70% of the votes of unaffiliated voters in New Hampshire, which included many liberals who will not vote for her against a Democrat in a general election if she should happen to win the Republican nomination.

All polls have Trump beating Haley nationally and in her own home state … by huge margins, no contest.

So why does Haley stay in the race? Because anti-Trump oligarchs want her stay in it. She stays in the race because those oligarchs keep giving her money to beat on Trump like the antagonizers in a bullfight.

Haley is like the picador in a bullfight. An antagonizer. The picador enters the ring long before the matador. He (she in this case) gets the bull to chase him around the ring to tire the bull. Then he eventually spears the bull in the top of its shoulders with short spears to hurt the animal before the matador enters the ring.

Oligarchs have Haley in the Republican ring to try to tire out and weaken Trump the bull, to wound him in preparation for a matador kill in the general election. The problem is that Trump the bull is about to gore her, “fatally,” just as he did to Cheney for her re-election primary loss – a 38-point loss – which will make Trump a stronger bull for November.

So why do people watch bullfights? Why are they watching this fight between Haley and Trump? Because sometimes the bull wins! And that is great entertainment … at Haley’s expense!

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